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Overworked with the Jes Extender

Overworked with the Jes Extender

Hello all. I’m writing to ask whether I can make use of your powers of discernment.

Recently I bought the Jes Extender with the hope of adding .5” in length to my 6” x 5” penis. Well, perhaps I hoped for a little more, but I thought I could realistically gain .5” over 3-6 months, so that was the amount I had in my head. I started slow, only around an hour, made up of three 20min sessions, on the first day. I did slightly more each day over the following three days. The tension never made it to 900g, but while I was finding my feet I managed to get it to ~600g by using one set of the inch bars and one set of the 1/2 inch bars. However, this felt weird so I stopped doing it that way. I had it set up so that it extended me to around my erect length but the tension was less than 600g.

The fourth day seemed to have started normally enough, but in retrospect it was odd because I hadn’t had the usual morning wood.

The rest of the fourth day and today (where I haven’t worn the device) maintaining and erection has been difficult, and they haven’t come spontaneously. I put this down to overworking and the amount of time I’ve spent worrying about impotence and everything else that rushes through one’s mind when their penis isn’t in normal mode.

Anyway, my question is whether or not you think my genes are suited to extenders and PE more generally. I know the topic of overworking, ED, and permanent damage to the penis, has come up many times in the forum, and I’m not especially asking about whether you think I’ve damaged myself. I’ve been a doctor today and he seems to think that its fine, that penises are quite hard to damage, and that my usual EQ will come back soon enough. If it does not then I will go to see him again. I’m asking whether you guys think it’s worth me trying again with the extender? I think maybe part of the problem is that I’m a grower, not a shower, and perhaps my penis is taking too much stress even though the tension was very low, and my time wearing the device lower still.

Even though I’ve been ultra worried and anxious, fretting about not being able to get it up with my girlfriend, I still want the extra length.. So I’m in a bit of a pickle really.

I’d be grateful for any advise anyone has for me!

If it cause anxiety then you shouldn’t make use of it.

I agree with marinera. It sounds to me like you are not quite ready for pe just yet. If you’re so anxious that it is counter productive, you’re just going to be spinning your wheels. Why don’t you just give it some time off and see how your EQ reacts to it? If it returns to normal after some time off then you know it was overworked or stress induced EQ issues.

Thank you for your advise guys.

I have seen improvement since my last post, so I think both of your diagnoses are on the money.

I do wish to return, however. But with a far less cock-sure attitude, if you’ll excuse the pun.

a different take

I’ll put my two cents in, thought this thread is history.

I would say, always remember you have a choice!

In the case of anxiety, your choice is to avoid the stimulus, or, learn to make the necessary adjustment so that the stimulus produces either decreased anxiety or none at all.

Both options are possible!

It seems a shame for you (original post) to have given up PE based upon the experience you describe. Many have anxieties related to their penis size, and related to exercising the penis. Since exercising the penis in a healthy way that enhances size and health is genuinely possible for almost all men, why not expend some energy on managing your anxiety rather than abandon PE altogether? Given the available benefits, I would encourage that stopping PE altogether should be a last resort.

Regarding loss of erection quality due to over work, most PE-ers have experienced this, and learn to modify the amount of stress they expose their penis to. It is not necessary to just stop the enterprise of penis enlargement altogether!

If you had chosen to continue to visit thunders, and remain consistent with PE, you could very well have already exceeded your goal of 1/2 inch.

Here’s hoping you come back, and achieve your goal in a healthy way.

7.6 x 5.4 (goal by April 1, 2016)

Well if I have to make a positive contribution then you should stop stressing because gains do not om easy and you not the only one getting anxious about. One thing though is Why you want to keep erections when you do not have to the erected penis retracts as it fills with blood the harder to put an extender on.

I would use a warm or heat source for 10minutes then put my extender on/ I do not use extenders all the time simply do not work just a variety of excercises will do fine and please start thinking with one head the one with brains not the two.

Blue eye, blonde latino

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