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New to ADS... few questions please

New to ADS... few questions please


Hi all,

I have gained quite well and been doing PE for about 2 years. My main routine involves jelqing and pumping at the moment.

I have just bought a cheap ADS to assist this, planning to wear for about 3~6 hours a day, only looking for maybe half an inch more length.

I am currently roughly at [ERECT] 7” NBPEL, 8.2-8.3” BPEL, 5” MEG, 5.8” BEG. [FLACCID] 4.3” length and average girth.


1) First of all, I am uncircumcised. And I find it a lot more comfortable and easier (grippier) to wear the noose OVER the foreskin around the glans - is this deemed as safe? Everything I could find said to pull the foreskin back, but this makes me really sore and takes me ages to get it set up.

2) I think I have a really stretchy penis. I am using the 2 small bars included with the ADS at the moment at maximum length and its not really providing a huge stretch feeling (even with a few hours use). I just measured and its about 6.75” … is this normal? I would try to wear the bigger bars to get more of a stretch but I’m not sure I could get it on to start off with due to my relatively small flaccid length.

3) Sometimes my glans get slightly cold (but dont change colour)- is this normal or should I stop wearing it for a while when this happens?


You need to figure out how to comfortably put the noose right under the glans while pulling your foreskin back. I think what you are feeling over time is skin stretching from the shaft when you pull you’re foreskin back and apply the noose right under the glans. The feeling of skin stretching is a burning/sharp/stinging sensation. To alleviate the skin stretching maybe apply a wrap (cloth, Theraband, etc) around part if you’re upper shaft after you pull you’re foreskin back.

When you keep stretching the skin this over time this can lead to turkey neck or more foreskin which you want to avoid at all costs…

Just be smart don’t be in a rush and do a lot of research here and you should figure it out and make gains.

Also you mentioned your glans getting cold that’s not a good thing and it’s because you’re cutting off blood circulation to the glans. This in time could make you lose sensitivity in you’re glans becaus
Not fresh oxygenated blood is
Being circulated in you’re glans.

Be careful…

From my experience, you’re not going for a stretch similar to manuals or hanging. That was my initial mistake when I 1st tried to use an extender a couple yrs ago. I actually made a post about that. The extender is not for ligament stretch but more so to grow new tissue. For instance, pull your penis to its full length and when you let go it returns to its original state. With an extender its constantly at that full length and the tension is necessary so when the penis wants to return back to it’s original state, it can’t which creates tissue growth overtime.

I hope I’m making sense. My 1st time using one a couple years ago I was assuming I was looking for the ligament stretch which is completely different from what you’ll get from this device. This has more to do with cell replication than stretching your ligament.

As far as the glans getting cold.don’t wear it too tight or add too much tension because this will happen. I personally, wear mines for 6-7 hrs a day, roughly 2 hrs apart with about 15-30 min break. I started wearing it for 1 hr then a break until my penis got use to it.

Find a time schedule that works for you. Don’t overwork your penis.. Good luck and like my man said above be careful!

Started: 7 x 5.2

Current: 7.5 x 5.8

Goal: 9 x 6.5

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