My Phallosan Modifications

I am posting this as a response to a PM so others can view it also. My modifications are all very simple and utilitarian. Descriptions below go along with the pics below.

1. Stock condom replaced with a silicon Adam & Eve Adonis extender (sex toy). This sleeve fits me well and I would think it also fits an average girth well but not confirmed. I do use the largest Phallosan bell and nothing is needed to secure the silicon sleeve to the bell however that may not be true of using the other bells as I never tested it.

2. Removed the stock tensioner and replaced with a metal ring tied to the vac cap with some clothes line type of rope. The ring is large enough that the other end of the belt can be fed through it as a way to attach the belt to the vac cap. It’s a lot easier to maintain a very strong tension with this setup and the tensioner just tends to get in the way.

3. There is a 50lb strength fishing line tied from the metal ring to the opposite quadrant of the rope that is tied around the vac cap, and an alligator clip attached to the line. This clip is not used when the Phallosan is used for extending, but only when hanging with it. I attach the clip to a weight and hang with it and the entire length of the penis can be heated with infrared while hanging. The alligator clip can be removed for things like napping while extending so it doesn’t get in the way. I am not telling anyone to sleep and extend.

Pics attached. Mods - there’s no visible nude parts so I’m thinking it’s fine for this forum.

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28 Aug 2014: 6.25" x 6" (MEG) >>>>>>>> 30 Dec 2015: 7.25" x 6.5" (MEG)

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