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Mr. Fantastic Extender

Mr. Fantastic Extender

Dear guys, I translated this topic from italian forum, as its creator asked me if I could do that. If you don’t understand something just ask. Sorry for my poor english btw.

Mr. Fantastic’s extender

Good morning to you guys, I’m glad to introduce to you my last invention: an alternated traction extender device, it’s a self made creation, hence its obvious name.

This time i tried to make a device that is simple to make and effective, f course cannot also be esthetically nice; as for efficiency and effectiveness it would score 8 on a 10 scale, you don’t need a lot of things to build it up and the final cost will be about 60 euros, well I’m not expecting that many of you will try to, anyway.

You can apply it to any kind of extender, this device only consists in a ‘hat’ with an alterned traction, with a up-and-down movement of 3,5 cm; he weight applied is about 3 kg (can be more), it applies a 3kg traction for 10 sec. and 5 sec. in the starting step (rest). It is supplied by a 7 volt battery, commanded by a board (pic) and actioned by a switch on/off mounted on the extender; the motor wire should be connected to a small box containing battery and board where you can switch it on and off. At first I thought of using it as a ordinary extender, for example at work but being the traction so high - 3 kg - , it’s better doing it at home, like an hanging session.

You will need: a wooden stick 7 x 3 x 4 cm, a servo-motor (I’ll tell you where you can buy it), a board to command the servo-motor, a battery-pack (or a self-standing battery), a round shaped wood to cut as to create a small wheel (like a broomstick), a little hook, 10 cm wire, pc to program the board, a drill or a screw drill.

In the future I will try to improve its aesthetic appearance, I can only say for now that it works wonderfully, at the end of the session my penis is longer (of course, that’s normal), the traction is intense but being modulated is more than bearable; my next routine will consist in one or two hours of this extender and dynamic pumping for at least 5 months.

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starting sept.2012: 17,4 nbpel, 19,4 bpel, eg 14,8

nov.'12: 18 nbpel, 20 bpel, eg 15

goal: 21,5 bpe, 16 eg

That’s a really interesting idea.

How is the force guaranteed?

Are there plans for the circuit board?

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I let it for now because was not enough the force of traction 2.5/3 kg , i will make it again with this vacuum device La pompa a vuoto di Mr. Fantastic (p. 6) both , the force will be from 1 to 3-4 kg or more , the time of cycle adjustable .

Eventhough for 2,5 kg of maximum traction the device above is right , easy for make , not expensive .

Ho iniziato il 15-04-12 BPEL 15,5/15.8 EG 13.5 oggi ..... >-)

Se ciò ci rende felici perché non farlo :thumbs: . Dimmi da dove vieni e ti dirò chi sei ;) .

The Mr. Fantastic Pumping

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