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max-extender vs the enlargement strap

max-extender vs the enlargement strap

just wanted to know if any of you out there have tried the max extender looks like a good device and seems like it could be worn all day easyer than the strap heres the address to the site


That there Max-Extender looks very interesting.

Looks pretty damn solid.

Do not buy it

I will explain later

PS. Do you believe the two inches in 80-100 days?



no i dont believe the 2 inch thing but i would like to know why you think that it is no good.



The reason is simple - I bought one. This was my introduction to PE, and had not yet discovered these boards.

It is basically two pieces of PVC cut out and holes punched, with a nylon strap at the end. Any kind of handyman could make one which would be tailored fit to his size.

But that aside, I used the damn thing about 5 days a week, 2-3 hours a day. I stretched the hell out of my dick, and the nylon cord cuts into the skin where the head meets the shaft. Used it for about 4 months, gained about 0.5cm (3/16”) and suffered a lot of discomfort. It does not allow you to move around much, the noose around my head restricted the blood flow, leaving it blue and cold.

Had I invested that time with other methods ie jelqing I’m sure I would have seen much better results. I struggled to advance from hole to hole, and after a short time jelqing I tried it again and was surprised to see that I had moved on 3-4 holes through natural PE exercises. I still put it on every few months as a way of measuring progress.

I highly recommend against buying it. Having all this info at hand, I’m sure you will feel disappointed if you do decide to order it.

Hell, I’ll sell you mine at half the price :chuckle:

PS…no-one could have suffered more than I did …I really pushed things to the limit, almost to the point of drawing blood.


I have the max-xtender… and yes its not going to give you gains IMO! But I do use it as a traction for after a good hang to keep it stretched. For that its not bad and you get a better stretch than just a wrap. You could make one if your handy with your hands, but as for myself I’m not. I paid $49 bucks for it and all I use it for is traction stretching. I use a wrap with it and it is very comfy, and I can go for an hour.

PS… oh one thing, I’m a little over 8” stretched so the nose is not around the head of my penis, I wrap mid shaft then place the max-xtender on just to keep the ligs at the base from retracting. Thats about all its good for!


ok sounds like a pile of junk dont think i will buy one thanks for the info though.



how much do you want for it? guiri



Two points….If I really thought it’d work I wouldn’t sell it to you (cause I’d use it)…and if I thought it didn’t work I wouldn’t sell it to you either cause I’d be ripping you off.

So the other option is giving it away. And as I think it’s a piece of junk and that it’d cost me $20 bucks or more to send it from Spain anyway, that doesn’t sound like a good idea either. And the only reason I haven’t thrown it out is because I want to put the fucker on in a year’s or two time and see that there aren’t enough holes in it for me :chuckle:

Conclusion: if you aren’t satisfied with my answer, and you think it may help you, go ahead and buy one. Curiosity killed the cat and is the cause of many female driver road accidents.


screw it i guess i dont want one. the only reason for it would be to wear after hanging



I truly think the traction wrapping would do more good than the Maxtender for the “afterhang” (hey, they say aftershave, why not afterhang?).

Give it a go.


Save your money. Something better may come along soon.

about commercial PE websites ...

I am an uncut man from Germany who recently joined the board. excuse me for dropping in here but I just would like to confirm that manual labour is the prime way to go , at least at the beginning.

I spent 195 €euro on the phallosan stretch belt with sc stretch condoms which are uncomfortable and loose their vacuum sucking action before you know it. Of course you can buy another 60 USS dollar condom, untill that one stops working properly. It feels wrong anyhow and your glans comes out after two hours looking like a sic donut.

About the max tender which I bought for around 130 US $ and other metal extenders let me tell this:

Its OK if you sit alone in your house for hours or in your hotel room to fool around with it, but don’t tell me that you are comfortable walking around with an iron cage around your dick during the day time, because its simply not true.I had nightmares about falling from the staircase when I put the lights in the christmas tree. I could imagine already the doctor saying; Well, we saved his life, but unfortunately…the penis is gone!

Car driving is as well not really the thing to do with a lot of heavy metal around your dick either. Now maybe as an uncut man we are prone to have a bit more sensitivity for the practical use and acceptance of those metal gears, but basically what it boils down to seems that exercise is the way to go and probably the weight lifting upon second instance.

I found this site unfortunately after I had made all the expense on the gear I described.

the reason that I was such a sucker was that I somehow believed that those products will do the job easily, and this is not true. PE is work, every day, I know that already. But there are worse ways of spending your time. And I can tell already that the first results are there from simple jelqing twice a day and stretching for not more that just over a week. I walk around now and can feel I have a real dick in my trousers…. it is hanging there already, so that is already a great feeling, and it has increased in length and in width.

Time for some laughs… I live in Germany…This afternoon I was in a German hardware store called OBI. ofcourse I already started my search to build my PE gear myself. Now interesting was that I was looking at rubber parts for tubing sinks and so on and I had several men around me looking for similar items. I suddenly had the feeling I was in an enormous sex store! ALL those men around me were as well planning to build constructions to attach weights to their dicks! The whole store seemed filled with sex maniacs that were all there for the glory of their dicks, walking along the recks looking for PE Parts!

I was expecting the girl at the cash desk to study the velcrom tape and cord and raise it in the air to shout…LOOK! THIS MAN OVER HERE IS BUYING STUFF TO ATTACH TO HIS PENIS! Luckily I left the store without beiing arrested or scalded. Ok enough writing for today. It´s Time for PE

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justman, one of our members here, monkeybar, has an extender that looks very interesting. Check it out here:

I too often wonder if the men shopping for the same hardware I am are also trying to engineer some sort of PE device. :)

Hah, thanks for your replies, this is so interesting, good luck to you all!

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