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Just got an extender

Just got an extender

I have a friend who works at fastsize, he got me one of their extenders, I tried it on for the first time today.

First thing I noticed (once i figured out how to work it right) Was how dreadfully thin my flaccid penis looks when stretched.

He said, from what customers have told them, girth gains generally come before length gains. I bet he’s probably right, but I can’t help but be afraid of the idea of my penis getting longer and thinner (I don’t have much girth to spare!). Your thoughts? experiences?

Good question. I am searching and searching and not coming up with much information on these.

Try searching this forum for “extender” and “Penimaster” (a traction device like the Fast Size). Several people have talked about this before in different threads.

Keep in mind that the penis is not a piece of Silly Putty. Using a traction device won’t make it long and thin. Most people report fairly proportional growth, length to girth.

As for me, who knows? I’m only on month 2. If I start getting a spaghetti noodle dick, I’ll warn you.

Slowly, but surely...

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