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Jes Extender

Jes Extender

Does anyone know where I can buy the ‘head’ (no pun intended) of this? I have the other equipment from another extender, can’t remember the name right now, but I find that the design of it, wrapping it with an elastic band to hold it, is extremely fiddly.

I also find that the ‘head’ part of it tends to fall off whilst wearing it.

Sorry I couldn’t remember the name of my stretcher.

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You can use google to find the home websites for both penimaster (Germany) and Jes Extender (Denmark, I think). That’s what I had to do to find a place to buy a replacement head for my penimaster as I broke one of the extension rod insertion slots on the head piece. Damn things are expensive, too. If you are using rubber bands you may be using a knock off of the Jes or another brand - just not sure. Look carefully at the pictures on the leading websites like Jes and penimaster to see if you can make a match for the needed part.

Also, since MonkeyBar makes a pretty universal vacuum cup head for just about every stretcher, you might check with him at if you are interested in using a vacuum cup head attachment for your stretcher.

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Monkeybar sells a head piece that is said to be better and more comfortable than any of the head pieces of the extenders out there. Look it it up in his web site. Do a google on Monkeybar.

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