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JES extender question please

JES extender question please

Hello mates,

Please tell me, I’m about to buy a traction device, similar to JES extender. I really saw a lot of models, and many different prices.
I saw one claiming to enlarge your unit up to 4 inches, and it costs nearly 90 $.
Is there any difference between them, and between the prices? Do all have the same traction force, etc?
I don’t see any difference between a 300$ extender and a 90$ one. Please, most of you are much more experienced regarding those devices.
Can you give me an advice?
Thanks in advance

7.1 x 5.1 and growing! Final goal: seeking celebrity:) ) 8x6

Hello raoul2307

I had experience with Jes Extender for about 4 years and this gave me about 3 cm, I got from 14 cm to 17 cm.
Now I’m using the X-4 Extender as I want to go to 20 cm.

I bought about two inexpensive extenders but was not good for my unit.

Even the experience with the Jes Extender was very painfully.

I don’t believe that this products can increase the penis in two or tree months, this takes time and depends of your body reaction.

For me takes long long time to grow, but I’m patient and I can wait.

Good Luck

Raoul2307 is back! How are you doing, man? I hope everything is fine after all those problems you were going through.

I bought an extender maybe 8 years ago. I think it was the Jes Extender or the Original Extender or something. It was quite painful because there was no foam padding around the noose. Maybe that’s changed since then.

But now I use the X4 Labs Extender. After 12 weeks, I gained .5 inches in length and almost .5 in girth (7/16). I also jelq, but I didn’t start until week three, and I had already experienced a 1/8 inch gain with just the extender after day 6. I’m pleased with it. But it was expensive.

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Check out Monkeybar’s site: Http:// I bought his older version with a clamp similiar to the Bib Hanger. I swear by it. It is great and I still wear it about two hours/day every other day. But his newer version is very price worthy.

Hello Troubadoue! I’ve been in the shadow for the last 6 months:) . But still here. I’m ok, thanks. I see there’s a lot of new things going on in here. A lot of new names and so on:) . Now, I decided to make girls suffer in another way, so I will get my dick bigger:) ).

Thank you guys for the remarks. But what I am asking is if there is any difference regarding the traction, I don’t know. Or just the name and materials?

7.1 x 5.1 and growing! Final goal: seeking celebrity:) ) 8x6


Having tried two, I’ll say that I could use more traction with the more comfortable device. The original extender that I had didn’t have the foam sleeve on the noose. Not only did the increased traction cause the noose to dig in around the glans, but I also had to pull the noose on tighter to keep the device from slipping away. Pain, torture, agony.didn’t last long.

The one I’m using now allows me to use extreme tension in relative comfort because it has the foam padding on the noose and the comfort straps. I use the noose around the bottom of the glans and the comfort strap right beneath. The less pain and discomfort you feel as you wear an extender, the more traction you can add. So go for comfort, first and foremost!

Start 10/24/10: BPEL: 6.0 BPFL: 4.25; EG: 4.75

Current: BPEL: 7.75 Base Girth: 5.75 UHG: 4.9375 NBPEL 6.75 Goal - 9.0 BPEL

(Extender to Bib Hanger|Jelq to Pump)

I bought a JES Extender several years ago when first starting with PE. I didn’t keep good records back then, but I think it yielded some gains (about 1/4” in length).

I’ve decided to start using it again, just in the past week. I’m going for 2-3 hours per day and will see what happens. I’ve already noticed that my flaccid turtles less than it usually does, which I like.

I know what people are saying about the pain/hassle. I think my member has gotten used to the noose, because I haven’t had the pain or bleeding that I had my first time around. I think it helps that I am longer now. What I am concerned with is when it is time to add an extension to the bars. This will cause it to not fit as well and slip off more.

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Now - bpel 6.25"; EG 4.875"

ST Goal - bpel 6.75"; LT Goal - bpel 9"

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