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I'm Thinking About Starting to Use an Extender


I sincerely apologize for the spelling and grammar mistakes I have made in previous posts in this forum, since english isn’t my main language I would ask for a minimum of tolerance on the mistakes I can still commit in the future.

I would also like to ask to the people in this topic to return to the original ideia of it which is to tell experiences with these sorts of extenders which are vacuum based and can be also used as ADS and/or hanging devices.

Originally Posted by wawawuh
How much weight do you use for your hanging sessions and how long are your sets (one 1.5 hour session or is that like three 30 minute sessions)?

I do not use the Vac Mod for hanging; only as an all day stretcher with up to 2 pounds. I can wear 1 lb for several hours at a time but limit the time to up to an hour with two pounds. Walking around with 2 lbs. hanging down seems to “loosen” the vacuum a bit which causes bruising and occasionally blisters on the glans.

When I use it as an extender, I use it between 1 to 2 hours at a stretch trying to maintain tension at 900 gr. (about 2 lbs).


We don’t expect perfection in posts. No one is perfect. We do expect effort being made to communicate though. One of the reasons for this is that a lot of people from Brazil and other places will be reading this. Their English comprehension may not be good or they may read through Google Translate. In both cases, the more effort made by the poster, the more chance they will be understood. So, run your posts through our spell check system, if your browser won’t do it for you.

The vacuum based extenders have many advantages and some disadvantages. It seems that everyone is making vacuum based products these days. The old noose system used to sit on the penis in a very delicate area and could not be worn safely for long. Vacuum based extenders, however, are sold with the featured benefit of being able to wear for longer periods without interrupting blood flow. There is some truth to this but the higher the tension the more a vacuum based product will interfere with blood flow. Also, regular checks - at the very least - should be made when wearing an extender and the safest route would be to wear in 20 minute sessions. Vaccums can also cause blisters. The auto-extender is sold with tape and some systems are sold with a glans cover in an attempt to solve this issue. Certainly even if blistering does not occur, fluid buildup may and you need to watch for this. Overall though the vaccum based system seems to be safer than noose based alternatives.

Have you gained on the newbie routine? Are the gains slowing? You say you feel the need for more intensity but you don’t ask for ways of increasing the intensity of your current routine. This might be a better and easier route and will not cost you money.

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