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How safe are extenders?

How safe are extenders?

Hi, I just got the Penimaster Pro. I spent about an hour trying to get my glans in. I had to take out the diaphragm to get it in (not sure if that’s recommended). When I put it in though it freaked me out. When I stretched my penis the circumference looked extremely small and it almost looked like my glans would pull off. I really want to try this but it seems really scary to me. Anyone else have the same worry. And is it really safe?

It is a noose style or a vac style?

Vac. I just hate the fact that it seems to just be making the pull based on the glans. I’m paranoid about that I’ll pull it sraight off. Haha.

Also, like I said I’m not sure about taking the diaphragm off. What’s the purpose of it and is it OK not to have it?

I was super pumped to start but now I’m just worried.

I don’t own any commercial extender, anyway vac extenders are safe, the worst it can happen is blisters. If you feel too much pressure on the glans, maybe your are pulling with too much force or the vac cap is improperly attached. Other people will hopely chime in.

I’m using a vacextender with the greatest tension springs and I can wear it 8 hours per day. Taping will prevent discomfort and blisters.

The diaphragm is there by design. Try to learn to use the device as designed and realise that it takes everybody time to work out how best to use it.

Thanks for the replies.

What do I use for taping? I want to avoid blisters. Doesn’t sound like much fun.

Yeah, it just seems like the diaphragm doesn’t allow for much space for my glans to go plus I was over an hour and couldn’t get my head in. It went in right away after removing it. Not sure what I need to do to get it to work.

With any extender (or anything else worn for long periods) you need to ensure that you still have circulation. You would expect your penis to maybe get a little colder but if it gets very cold, this is a warning sign. Even something you’ve worn without issue many times before can cause a problem if it impacts on the penis slightly differently one time and it only takes one time to cause significant problems.

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I think I’m going to have to return the Penimaster Pro. It’s very upsetting. I have all the time in the world right now to use it. It’s just that my penis behind the glans is very thin and has even gotten thinner. It honestly looks like it will pull the glans off (weird I know). I think I have a dick that can’t anything pulling based solely on the glans. Is there any other device that I can use (hanger, extender, ads) that doesn’t do the streching based solely on the glans?

I have used both types and I can honestly say you are far safer and in better control with a vac model. It seems to me that extenders are perfectly safe if used correctly; it’s users that are more dangerous.

I’ve been using a extender with a strap for the past two months. The skin behind my gland was thin also and I was worried about damage. I started stretching very very slowly, longer than the instructions suggested. Now the skin seems thicker and is able to withstand more tug. Just go slow.

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