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Hot or cold stretching (ADS), which is better?

Hot or cold stretching (ADS), which is better?

There are many threads supporting the use of heat to improve results and to avoid injury when doing penis enlargement exercises, I’ve been using it all the time with some good results. However, when you see how some guys gain well with ADS devices, it goes against the idea that heat is essential for gains since the penis’ blood vessels are narrowed and usually further away from body heat, my penis used to get very cold when I wore my extender.
Could it be possible that a colder penis could help with cellular division? Heat makes the structure much more flexible which is an ideal state for more intense PE exercises but is it desirable to have the flexibility when much less force is applied for a longer time? Although the penis won’t get cold enough to snap off, perhaps the micro tears between cells might occur more easily at lower temperatures.

What do you think? Is there any scientific data around that might support or disprove my hypothesis?

That’s an interesting thought. I can’t really add to it one way or another other than by personal experience. I used a heated rice sock during the winter/spring time and no heat during the summer. My gains have been happening both ways.

Cheers, my starting stats 17-02-2016

BPFL=5.0" (12.7cm) BPEL=7.0" (17.78cm) EG=TBA

FG=4.0" (10.16cm) EG= 4.5" (11.4cm)

I’m experimenting by hanging 1.5 Kg for as long as I can during the day (I work at home). Today I attached the weight and hung without any warm up then after 1 hour, I warmed up for 15 minutes and did some more intense manual stretching before reattaching the weight again, this time with far infra red heat applied.

I suppose that if the cell division had started during the first hour, then the extra force and heat added later might accelerate the process.

Very interesting topic. I’m eager to hear more about this. And I believe I read somewhere that extending in the cold has some benefits in allowing the body to heal in that elongated state. Don’t recall the thread or post, but it was here at Thunders.

I will share that I’ve stopped doing a warm up since starting back up with the extender, and I’ve been able to add 3/4” rods to the extender within a months time. This is significantly more than I used to get when I was using a FIR lamp. But there are more variables at play here so I’m hesitant to conclude causation.

As an added note, I’ve also shaved my balls completely, and when I wear my extender in the down position (which is the majority of the time), they tend to function as a warming pillow for my shaft.

There's principalities in the whole thing.

Before I had all the information from the internet, I managed to gain 1” in 1 year with a cheap vacuum pump bought from a sex shop. The only warm up I did was to masturbate until I was erect. The only issues I had were blood spotting from too much vacuum and from time to time, a donut fluid build up in my foreskin.

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