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Homemade Phallosan


It’s a plastic cap for a ‘Nuby’ nursing bottle, got it at the grocery store. Got everything to make it from either the hardware store (Home Depot), pharmacy (CVS) and sporting goods store (Sport Authority).

Wow! Does it works? If so I’m going to buy that plastic cap, hope I find the required size.

I’ve tried a few plastic caps and that one has been the best, the shape is pretty natural and I can stuff the glans in and get a good seal and head expansion. Medicine bottles work pretty well too, and plastic tops from lotion or shampoo bottles.

The hardest thing has been getting the air seal after drilling a hole in the top, but the neoprene washers work well for that.

Probably so, as long as the latex is strong enough to be held under tension without ripping. There is something reassuring about being able to see through the cap when you put it on, do you think that stuff comes in clear?

I have no idea. Probably that could be asked to a seller or manifacturer.

I’m becoming more and more interested in trying a Phallosan device.

This homemade one looks great. But..
For me, I have an issue of needing always pee about every 45-90 minutes. So any this type of device would almost be useless to use as time is the friend here.

I know an extreme mod would be to add a catheter, but that again is impractical for daily use.

I was thinking maybe the catheter mod with a mod catheter. Inserting foley catheter only about an inch or so in the urethra then a small inflation to keep from slipping out. And the tube extends out of the cap an inch or so.

For at home use, attached a male to male tube barb then to a longer tube and then you won’t even have to unbelt and uncap when ya gotta go.
And with the short tube, if ya gotta go with a #2 then you just have to unbelt not uncap

Anyways, just throwing out an idea to maximize stretch time.

Of course you will have to follow the typical sanitary procedures when using a catheter.


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