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Homemade Extender the Darknight


I really only use it at around 2.5 to 3 pounds, and I slowly increase to that level over 10 minutes. There’s definitely room to grow.

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Carbon fiber turnbuckles….

or just the rods…..

Hmn, I can’t believe I’m thinking of making one of these when I already payed 165 bucks for the size genetics and it works. I must be an engineer. :D

10/2010: ~bpe 6.2x4.8, 1/2011: bpe 6.5x5, 2/2011: bpe 6.75x5.1, 3/2011: bpe 7x5.1, 4/2011: bpe 7.25x5.1, 6/2011: bpe 7.38x5.1

My status thread

This was just to cool for me to not build, so I am about 90% done. :)

I have completed the main unit and have cut the sled piece out. Now it’s time for the noose, where did you get the surgical tubing?

I applaud your design, I was able to get everything at lowe’s for under $20.

I need to find my reciept and make a parts list to share. They even have springs very much like the ones used in the design, it’s a replacement for one of those folding doors, made by Stanley.

Thanks kaneditto.

I got the tubing at a Home Depot. Way more that I needed. Then I walk by a fishing section of another store (can’t remember which one) and saw a much smaller length for a much smaller price. I’m surprised Lowes wouldn’t have it.

Please post a picture when it’s done if you can.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Hey guys. Funny story (now).

I am very new this year to PE and haven’t yet told my significant other about my new passion.

My fiance, out of the blue, requested we watch “The Dark Knight” DVD tonight. It’s not one of “her movies” so I instantly freaked out thinking she’s found some of my files on the laptop. I’m suddenly thinking how am I going to justify my want to better myself while not yet being able to show justifiable results? Then I thinking, Hey, I’m bettering myself. Mentally and physically, for my own benefit as well as hers, so what’s the big deal?

Now, as best as I could tell (without sounding guilty), they were just talking about the movie at her work today so she wanted to refresh her memory.

I got a laugh (after the fact) at my “close call” and thought you all might too.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Thats a real solid piece of machinery.

Ditto: Great, very clear design graphics as well. Very professional, product developement!


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