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Homemade Extender the Darknight

Right now the design aloes me to clip onto it while the turnbuckles are fully retracted, giving a slight stretch. The turnbuckles can then be extended about 2” which is more than I can handle and almost bottoms out the springs.

@ExSS - I’m not quite understanding how the length of turnbuckles is extended by their placement across from each other as opposed to side by side. I’ll reread your question and try and figure it out.

@Midthigh - Yes the Velcro is just to “kink” the tubing as it comes through the holes to keep the noose tight. Actually I found it holds the tubing tighter if it’s wrapped between the sled and the penis. But a second strip of Velcro could easily wrapped over the penis as well.

For the version in the photo I actually ran out of 1-1/2” pipe so I cut a section out of a 1-1/2” tee fitting to make the sled. The enlarged ends are the hubs from the two ends of the tee. Turns out even better than the pipe as it allows extra room for strapping.

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Awesome. Thanks for the reply. I hadn’t thought about using a T fitting. Now I know what to look for when I make my own. :-)

BTW the springs I used were found in the slider track from a bi-fold closet door. I’m sure different makes and models will be different tensions. And I’m sure there are proper springs out there better suited for the task, but these fit perfectly over a 1/4” bolt. And they were free.

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Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

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Sorry for not being clear in my question/comment.. Trying again.

Most commercial extenders have rotational travel to allow the penis tip to angle up towards the belly-button, straight out, or down towards the ground.

I suspect that the vertical travel of this design is limited by the toe-in angle of the turnbuckle attachment to the round clamp.

Attaching the turnbuckles to opposing sides of the round clamp would allow more travel since they would be traveling in parallel, but would cause issues in attaching the sled which I think is a great design.

I wonder if it would be worth designing a replacement for the round clamp that would allow the turnbuckles/you-bolt to travel up and down more freely, maybe also fitter better around the penis base, and even preventing protrusion of the connecting bolts into the penis which might be uncomfortable. I’ve attached the concept I’m thinking of, could be custom-“printed” using a service like shapeways DOT com. Not as convenient as Home Depot, but still DIY.

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Ok.. Now I see what you’re getting at. And yes the current design only really allows for a “strait out” stretch.

The only problem I see with having the turnbuckles off center (like in my design ) and having them swing interdependently from the base (like you propose) is that you would get more of a stretch in one direction (swinging away from the pivot side of the base) and less of a pull in the other direction and the device would tend to pull in that direction (down or up, depending where the pivot is).

However. There is nothing saying that the turnbuckles can’t be mounted at across from each other like you first proposed, then they could be made to pivot and an equal stretch would be felt in all directions. The sled could easily have a hook on the end that connects to the spring plate so it could pull straight down under it instead of from the underside of it like I have it.

I was trying to keep it compact so I put the turnbuckles on the inside of the pipe, but like you said they can certainly go on the outside.

The key element of this (for me) was the spring action to control the stretch.

I also have been pondering a rounded, or softly stepped base to allow or this type of swing. But wonder how much of a trade off it would be for comfort.

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Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Regardless, great job on the design. Simple, easy to buy the parts, and effective looking.

Another quick question. There are 2 notches in your plate for the quick disconnect. Did you put those there purposely to allow deeper engagement with the sled? Or, were they just there as part of the plate when you bought the you-clamp?

Also, can you give me an idea of how wide your sled is?

I’m putting one of these together right now and I have to say that, so far, it is probably the easiest and most ingenious homemade PE device I’ve ever seen. Once I get the sled complete I’ll be ready to rock. Everything else went together in just a few minutes.

Midthigh - Yes the notches were added to allow the sled to clip on a little deeper. Mine is just wide enough to fit through the opening in the base (while strapped in).

There is a fine line between how deep the plate will sink in and the width of the sled. I tried to maximize that depth by filing out the plate a little.

The slot has to be just big enough so the plate just fits in. Not forced in, but just a “hair” bigger than a snug fit. And just a slight angle. Too much and the plate will bind on the you-bolt. To little and the sled will slip off. It’s not as hard as I’m making it sound but there is a “zone” that it needs to be in.

BTW - I am thinking the quick connect/disconnect might be a little too quick as once engaged it’s fairly secure but I have bumped it off a few times while adjusting the tension. The sudden release of tension on your penis coupled with the snapping noise of the plate hitting the you-bolt scared the hell out of me the first time it happened. It doesn’t hurt, just scares the hell out of you the first time.

I’m thinking some sort of pin or latch to keep the sled in place. We’ll see.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

In fact, I officially suggest “unclipping” while adjusting the tension, then clipping back on. It’s easier on the device and avoids the risk of the sled slipping off. Sure wakes you up though!

Thanks for all the kind words too guys.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Thanks for the reply again. I got mine created a little while ago and had it on for just a short bit. Still needs some tweaking, but overall I’m very happy with it. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your plans. It really made this a snap for me to put together.

I’m looking forward to being able to spend a few hours in it tomorrow and see what kind of results I get.

One quick thought on the quick disconnect. It might be a good idea to just take a rubber band and secure over the top of where sled meets the you-bolt bar. You could probably even put a couple of small notches in the top of the sled to keep the rubber band from slipping off. If it was tight enough, that would hopefully keep the sled from dislodging while you’re making adjustments.

I really want to be able to safely make adjustments while still stretched. I think if you can make small increases to the stretch every 10 minutes or so without releasing, you’re going to maximize the overall stretch.

Let me know if I wasn’t clear on the rubber band thought. I can rig one up and take a pic if it helps.

Thanks midthigh. That’s a great idea about the band.

It’s a little surreal to think someone else actually built one. That’s awesome. I’d love to see a pic just to see how it turned out.

My thoughts are that any idea should constantly evolve and two heads work better than one (no pun intended). I’m confident this design creates a solid base that can be further customized to each individuals needs.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

Here’s a quick pic. You can see that I still have some work to do. I need to trim down the flange bolts that attach the turnbuckles to the base. I need to put a couple of lock washers on there first. I also don’t have the springs in place right now because, unfortunately, without the base trimmed down I’m not long enough to be able to clip on with the springs in place yet. So, I removed the springs just to test. I have about an inch that I can trim off the base that will allow enough room for me to put the springs back in. From there I’ll have 2 1/2” of adjustment to work with just using the turnbuckles. So, this will give me plenty of stretch for now.

I’ll post up some better pics when I get it all finished.

I was not able to get as nice of materials at my local Home Depot as I wanted, but it worked out overall. After some use, I may go back and rebuild it with more finished materials.

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Not bad though for a one day project.

If someone orders their materials from McMaster Carr or another online hardware source, it sure would be nice for them to put their shopping list, along with part numbers, in this thread.

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That looks awesome, ha you could make more and sell them


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