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Hip Hugger ADS



I would say it is definitely a tunica stretch. Do you have any pics or info for the sock hanger? As the noose is the only reason I cant wear my penis-plus 24 hours a day! I think I could then attach the sock hanger to it.

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would you mind posting some pics of that contraption of yours?

regards, mgus

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I think I got the sock hanger idea off one of the pay sites (before I found this site, the best and its free!)

You take a sock and fold the open end down a time or two to provide more padding. Stick your dick in it, and use a shoestring or something to secure it.

Simple. I use a velcro strap instead of a string. It spreads out the force better, and it is “quick release”.

On the other end of the sock you can tie a hook for attaching weights, or elastic or a bungee cord or whatever to make your hiphugger belt.

I’m busy, just checked my mail though - sorry no pics avail -


hands down the BEST hip hugger belt is 1/2 of a pair of WalMart suspenders taken apart. It’s a 2” elastic/cloth and has a full range of adjustment. They tow 5 to 7 pounds worth of pants so they’ll give you the light light tension you set to comfort. The end clips are fast and simple, they lay flat to your skin and won’t pinch. Did I mention they release fast? If you want ADS here it is. I DO believe the ADS use alone is a futile dream. I haven’t started hanging again yet but I believe one must hang daily - maybe morning and nite and wear the ADS to cement in gains. The ADS alone is not enough to have rewarding gains. IMO

Metalsman can you post a list of material required to make this ads along with point by point instructions on how to put it together. I’m alittle confused on the noose part of it, also are you stretching at both the base and head area, any further info would be much appreciated as I believe this is a great ads and would like to incorporate it into my day.

Thanks in advance.

reread this thread, it’s in here already.

I realize you have explained it somewhat, but not in great detail to really figure out how to make one.

Any update on PenisPlus/ “Strap”/ “Sock” HipHugger results?

Bombazine- is your PenisPlus truly stealthy? What about ease of application and removal at a public urinal? Or do you need to slip into the WC?

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