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hi guys i need some help on extenders

hi guys i need some help on extenders

HI guys i need some help for extender questions ?

so what is better for gains to stretch the further ? for example to aim to stretch beyound my BPEL or NBPEL or it doesn’t matter how far i stretch ?

also what is the best angle to stretch ? for example i stretch mostly sitting or lying straight out ? it it okey to use the extender and my pants on so the extender is up and pointing towards my belly buton ? this way i can move around the house ? is this okey ? or for best gains i have to use it only straight out sitting or lying ?

Jack, you should stretch the extender as far as you comfortably can. You’ll find that if you start from your NBPEL or less, and after 5-10 minutes you stretch say 1/5” or so, you’ll be able to stretch a lot without discomfort after 30-40 minutes.

The best angles are straight out and straight down.

Stretch as long as it remains painless.

As Marinera said, you should then be able to stretch further after 30-40 minutes.
I would just add: Don’t hesitate to twist it on every side every now and then.
It’s gonna pull the skin and everything that shouldn’t be outside the fulcrum.
It might loosen the traction up and you’ll be able to pull with more efficiency.

I’ve also read somewhere that swollen head brings better results. And that’s what I’m always doing since then.
That was painful on the first runs, but I got use to it and it doesn’t hurt anymore.
At first, going over 45 minutes was an achievement by itself. But now I can go for 3 hours easy.
But always listen to your body, don’t mess up.. The strap that I use, allows me to slacken the tension more precisely
In a fingertip so I can make sure that the circulation stays appropriate and bearable. Which might not be your case.

As for living around:
Walking with the device tilt up was pretty uncomfortable in my case.
So I just wander around the house in baggy shorts with the device pointing down.
Baggy shorts and Extenders are good friends.. :)

If I have to get back on my computer, I just remove my shorts in a second and sit without any constraint.
If I need anything on the place, then I just put my shorts back on and put the extender down along my leg and there I go !

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