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Help looking for a Penis extender


Has anyone used one of these -…#ht_5769wt_1385

5 rings and it has electrical stimulation. I am thinking if that will get me erect when I am watching porn.
I could atleast let it get hard, and stay hard, and practice being hard. My body is so hard wired to being erect when my wife has a need and is “available”, its almost like animals being in heat. My dick seems to only want to work for her. Soft porn doesn’t get me as angry at missed opportunity as hard porn, so I could watch that and get hard. I have plenty of privacy when the kid is in school, just not any ability to get hard. Anyway does anyone else here think shocking their dick is a bad idea ? I have used the tens units on muscle spasms, and it seems to help and I have one of those. I am very reluctant to glue that onto my dick though. What if it shocked it into not working at all.

Originally Posted by biker_dude
This does’t use vacuum for the head ? Is it better to have vacuum keeping the head in the stretcher.

Has anyone been able to find a vacuum style extender on Aliexpress? If so, where? It seems my search skillz on that site leave much to be desired. :-(


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