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Hello everyone. Coming back from a long break


Hey Iron! Glad you decided to come back. I agree with Titleist, pumping just beyond BPEL while keeping it warm.


Originally Posted by rootsnatty
A lot of people have gained with extenders alone. I haven’t personally, a static stretcher has added to my gains, however. Though a static stretcher does not technically rely on traction.

Give your X4 a shot, if you gain then it works for you. May take a while to see gains though, give it an honest try.


I have been using it on and off. Most recently I have about 350 hrs over the past 4 months. A total of about 700+ hrs. Total. I have gained just under 1/2 inch. I gained 1/4 inch in the first few weeks and then nothing so I got discouraged but, the gains have been slow since then, but I’m going to stick with it this time no matter what.

Good plan man. The key to extenders is time since they produce very little force. Keep at it and be consistent, you’ll gain if you have been.

Welcome back. We could probably learn a lot from you too buddy.

Can you guys suggest an exercise routine to go along with my X4 extender?

Some light jelqs at some point during the day. Other than that, the extender will be taking up most of your free time if you are doing it right.

Originally Posted by rootsnatty
I don’t know if ironaddict will fit in yours or monkeybar’s hangers. His girth is massive. Like a tin can, like one of those big red fireworks from Looney Toons - it actually says Acme down the side of his cock. ;)

You’re hilarious. Soft I fit into monkeybars old large or xl vac hanger just fine, tad extra space actually! How you doing man?

On a side note, I have been getting a lot of comments/messages about me helping people and them asking me a shit ton of questions. That’s not what I am here for with this thread, I will not be answering any PM’s about how I gained etc, no. Read my log, it’s all there. Gotten messages about steroids, alpha blockers etc. Seriously, go away.

Originally Posted by tranzio
Can you guys suggest an exercise routine to go along with my X4 extender?

Your own thread would be a great exercise to add in addition.

I pumped for a while, seemed to let me de-condition as now hanging with 7.5 lbs with my vac gets me fatigue. The bib hanger is such a drag to If only I could get all that time back.

Thanks to you guys who chimed in! I remember all of you quite well actually, good to see some solid members still around.

My length is stubborn as all hell. Who knows maybe it will workout this time.

Titleist.. I would be out of erections by then.that’s so gnarly dude!! How’s the hot wife?


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