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GettinGrown Homemade Stretcher/Hanger Based on Phallosan Forte

GettinGrown Homemade Stretcher/Hanger Based on Phallosan Forte

I made this device because I lost my Phallosan stretcher (think it fell out of the car) and I didn’t want to wait for another to ship from Europe and pay another $300+. I am currently using this one, and it works great, the vac head works better for me than the Phallosan vac head, thus I will not be replacing the lost Phallosan device.

How it Works

- The vaccum device on the Phallosan is unnecessary, and the same effect can be achieved by opening the valve, pushing the penis up into the device to reduce air volume and then closing the valve. When the penis is released from being pushed up into the device and returns to its natural position within the vacuum head, vacuum/suction is already created. The more the penis is pulled, the more vacuum is created. This device works in this way - You place the penis in the device so the glans is inside the vaccum head (PVC pipe) and the condom hugs the penis below the Glans. With the penis in it’s correct position, and the top of the vacuum head (red plug) loosened or removed so air can be released, you push the penis further into the vacuum head and then tighten the vacuum head (red plug) to lock in the current air volume. Now release the penis to it’s natural position in the device and vacuum is created, plenty for extending and even sufficient for hanging although the max weight I tried was 12.5 lbs as I have only hung up to 10 lbs previously. The cap can be removed when using the bathroom, or, the penis is very easy to remove as compared to the Phallosan by loosening the plug to let some air in and just stretching the soft silicon condom to take the penis out. the softness and pliability of silicon and the wall thickness which helps more effectively create a seal is part of what makes this vacuum head, in my opinion, better than the stock Phallosan vac head, however the same silicon condom can be used on a Phallosan device to improve usability.


- My flaccid penis girth is approx. 4.5” circumference minimum. If yours is much less than this you may need to reduce the inner diameter of the vacuum head. Your penis should fit snugly inside the vacuum head (the PVC fitting). If there is room between the penis and inside of the vacuum head, the device will be less effective (potentially not distributing force evenly and reducing maximum force capacity). I did see some clear vinyl tubing at Home Depot that fit snugly into the PVC and would work fine with no sealants etc. if a small length of it was placed inside the PVC to reduce the inner diameter.

Improvements over Phallosan Forte

- Peeing can be done with the vacuum head still on, however, removing and putting the vacuum head on and off is much faster and more trouble free than the Phallosan Forte due to the much more flexible, silicon condom.
- Easier on glans and head of penis.
- Higher maximum force capacity. The device vacuum head can be used to hang. (I have personally only used it to hang 12.5 lbs). The Phallosan device separates and requires modification to work at higher forces. Also, the thin condom used with the Phallosan broke for me after using it to hang for a week or so.
- Less length than the Phallosan Forte making the vacuum head potentially more discrete.
- Weight can be added to the inside of the vacuum head so it can be worn as a weighted hanging ADS inside of clothing.

Inferiorities to Phallosan Forte

- The belt I made is not going to be as comfortable as the Phallosan Forte belt mainly because of the smaller width of the belt strap. Worn over a pair of underwear as pictured it works fine, however I will not be wearing it directly against the skin (can be worn for 8 hours daily, no problem). I have found wearing it in this way outside a pair of underwear was more comfortable with the Phallosan also. I basically got the parts I could as quickly as possible from one store, however a much better belt could be constructed and maybe someone else can post improvements to the belt. Note that the belt bungee is difficult to squeeze through the belt adjuster hardware, however it can be done.

Vacuum Head Parts

- Penis extender (the kind of extender used during sex). Any extender or similar piece of silicon could be used so long as it will fit snugly over your flaccid penis. Here’s the one I used as I happened to have it laying around already -…sion-89865.aspx
- 1.5” PVC Pipe…rd=611942109456
- Gripper Pipe Plug…33400/100342630
- Strong Fishing Line (50lbs+) or similar

Belt Parts

- Belt…rd=029194167450
- Belt adjuster hardware…85243/202065658
- Belt loop cushion…05812/100550644 (I used just half the circumference and a tiny length of this to make the cushion that cushions the base of the penis.
- D-ring clip and split ring (the kind of clip used on keychains)

Other Stuff

Needle and thread (I don’t sew, but I did get a needle and thread and hand sewed the belt in the 2 places it needed to be sewed together.)
Saw (ie coping saw), or PVC cutter

Uses - Adding Weights to use as an ADS
Besides being used as a hanger and comfortable all day extender, it can be used as a weighted hanging ADS by adding weight (like stacks of metal washers) into the inside of the vacuum head and just letting it hang.


Assembly should be self-evident from looking at the pictures however ask if you have any questions. Just a few notes - The entire bungee cord was used for the belt, with the ends cut off, and is adjustable and should adjust to most sizes. The belt loop was created by sewing the belt to itself to create a loop, and it was attached to the belt adjuster hardware in the same way. I don’t sew but I bought a needle and thread and I did weaved in and out maybe 30 times and tied it off and it works fine. As stated previously, I actually like this simple vacuum head more than the expensive Phallosan vac head.

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28 Aug 2014: 6.25" x 6" (MEG) >>>>>>>> 30 Dec 2015: 7.25" x 6.5" (MEG)

Goal: Pump 40 min 2x daily 6 mos start 8/23/17 PICS AND PROGRESS

PE Growth Rate Study | Most Efficient Gainers List

In use pics go in a different forum, so I deleted one of your attachments.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Missed that too. Clever. :up:

Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
Wow that didnt get much attention.

Bearded Dragon, did you build that already? :D ;)

Are the In use pics somewhere Gettin Grown?

Ha. I do need a vacuum head for my extender, maybe this will work. Thanks for the link!

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Very interested in giving this a try. How discreet is it under clothes? Is this something I could wear to work?

Start/April 2011: BPEL - 6.75" / NBPEL - 6.00" / BEG - 5.125 / Mid Shaft - 4.75 / Glans 4.5"

Current/August 8 2011: BPEL 7.25" / NBPEL - 6.375" / BEG - 5.625" / Mid Shaft - 5.00" / Glans - 4.875"

Goals: NBPEL - 8.25" / Mid Shaft EG - 6.00"

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Great Job! I do have a couple questions though..

I’m assuming you cut the head off of the penis sleeve? I could be wrong, but I wanted to make sure. Also, is the sleeve tucked into the PVC? I assume so. Once again, just double-checking.

I made one of these and it works pretty well. I use it regularly in my rotation of hangers but I don’t like the belt, I put the bungee around my foot or add weight to the pipe. I use several methods/devices from the forums here; Sizegenetics (ripoff, find the same thing on eBay for around $50), flexible lead rod in a plastic tube shaped into a spring( works pretty well), padlock( honestly the easiest and my favorite except that it bends the glans at an angle), a 6” steel pipe that I use with a wrap to secure it ( a good ADS but bulky), and I also use the vacuum cap with some large machine washers ( I used a lathe to decrease the diameter of the bottom half of the cap so the washers will slide on but not off).

One of my next projects will be to make a weighted silicone ADS, we’ll see how it goes.

August '15 - 7.0 x5.5

September '15 - 7.25 x 5.75 October '15 - 7.5 x 6.0. I am truly astounded that this works.

November '15 - 7.5 x 6.0 Time off and inconsistent routine = No Gains. Goal: As far as it will growx7


Would this work as a gripping aid for manual stretching? I have difficulty finding a comfortable grip using my hands, especially when I increase the force of the stretch. Would this device be able to handle a moderate to high stretch for a few minutes at a time without slipping off?

Originally Posted by rhyno001
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Great Job! I do have a couple questions though..

I’m assuming you cut the head off of the penis sleeve? I could be wrong, but I wanted to make sure. Also, is the sleeve tucked into the PVC? I assume so. Once again, just double-checking.

Looking at the picture, the adam’s extender appears to be on the outside of the pvc pipe(though I do not understand why or what purpose it serves there).

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