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Gains from extenders

Take a vac mod. The noose style is for masochists like me. :spin2:

Gekiro, 5 hours a day at 900g would give you quicker elongation than 5 hours a day at 600g, in the short term. But would these gains be significantly more if 600g was still producing some discomfort to your unit? Probably not, marginally better at best. The reason you want to keep tensions to the lowest amount that will cause gains is because you will have better long term success. That is, you will get gains for a longer period of time. If you try and force the gains out quicker with higher tensions you are going to cause a lot of toughening as well in your collagen matrices which will require more and more tension to overcome, and we are talking about extenders here so possessing no theoretical limit to tension is NOT one of their qualities, as is the case with compression hangers.

So keep tension as low as possible to cause slight discomfort and only raise it slowly as you start to see gains stop. This will give you the longest time (as measured in months, maybe even years) to experience gains. And faster gains for a short time will not equal the TOTAL gains you will get going normal gains for the maximum amount of time, you will always see more gains if you maximize the amount of time you can gain with an extender. The relationship is not linear.

The reason I am talking about discomfort isn’t really about EQ, rather it is a good way to gauge relative tension and, therefore, relative stress. To put it simply: I am a hanger, 600g of tension for you might feel equivalent to 6 pounds of tension for me. Tension is relative, you can’t just say, “you need 900g of extender tension to grow.” Not that you’re saying that, but some people do give advice in these absolute terms. Since it is impossible to know all the factors that are involved in deciding how much tension you might require to create permanent elongation, discomfort is a better gauge of things.


I see, thanks for your input. As I start to get discomfort at 900g after 30-45 minutes, I should stay at 600g for 2 hours I guess? The only discomfort I had at 600g was that the noose was so tight I had a deep mark all around the shaft. I almost never felt that the penis was stretching, but jumping straight to 900g I feel a huge difference.
I’m trying the velcro strap right now and it feels better. About gains, I think I gained about 1cm (0.4”) in BPFSL and nothing in BPEL, but I also jelqed and stretched.

Marinera, the vac mod is too expensive for me.

Edit : I just remembered this from pegym, not sure if I can link that website though.

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Gekiro, a question: so you feel NO discomfort at 600g, but discomfort that prevents you from going longer than 30-45 minutes at 900g?

And too bad about not being able afford the vac cap, I have one and it is THE MOST comfortable method I have found to attach any kind of stretcher/extender/misc. traction device. Plus all the force is exerted directly on the glans, no muss, no fuss.

No I do feel discomfort at 600g, I would say after 1h30~1h45 of wearing time with a noose, and yes you’re correct at 900g.

I have to experiment again with the velcro strap at 600g.

[Marinera, the vac mod is too expensive for me.]

Have you checked out Monkey Bar’s Mod Vac. I hated my Penimaster until I got M/B’s set up. I also made a softer base by cutting out a piece of foam mat, and glueing it on. It’s a lot cheaper than the vac mod that Penimaster sells, and works good for me. I rarely use my extender because I prefer to just hang a couple of pounds, and the same Vac3 will work for that also.

Lately I have been hanging 2 pounds for 2 hours, 2 times a day. I do this for 2 days and then take a day off. On my days off, I use ~ 3 ounces of stainless steel o-rings to keep from turtling. I know my gains will be slow, but I prefer taking it easy and just sticking with it.

I know you can do different angles with an extender, but for the money, and convenience I would probably get Monty’s “PE Weights” if I was just starting out. I might end up getting some anyhow. The highest setting on my Penimaster is equal to 2.5 pounds, or 40 ounces. That would be 4, 10 ounce PE weights which would be less than half of what I paid for the Penimaster, and I think the weights are easier to use.

The only thing I would worry about the PE weights, is if you are prone to spontaneous erections. I’m in my 60’s and that just doesn’t happen much anymore.

Gekiro, can’t you make small adjustments to tension by turning the small adjustment nuts at the base of the extender? Or are we talking about a different kind of extender here? It sounds like 600g might be slightly too low for you but would still give results if you extended for long enough times, and 900g (a 50% increase in tension!) is still too much for the moment.

Rootsnatty, I can actually. I think the cheap Proextender works exactly like a Sizegenetics, X4 Labs, Penimaster or Andropenis. I might be wrong though.
These are my results with the velcro mod. BPFSEL is bone pressed flaccid stretched extender length. I’m not sure if it helps but I read other people measure it.

BPFSEL at 600g : 13.2 cm (5.2”)
BPFSEL at 900g : 14.3 cm (5.6”)
At 600g : I could last 3h10, no discomfort but half of the glans was getting swollen.
At 900g : I could last 40 minutes, discomfort, and in the end numb glans.

My BPFSL is 5.7” and BPEL is 6.1”. I felt no stretch at 600g, but as you said 900g is too much right now.

Originally Posted by X4 Labs
I can tell you guys first hand that judging from our clinical studies and my own personal experiences I have no doubt that you can experience gains using your penis extenders. The science behind it is rather simple and proven, as you I am sure you all know it’s called penile traction therapy. This is not some magical solution though, you need to stay committed and genuinely use your extender as directed by its manufacturer.

We at X4 Labs are always eager to hear back from our users and even offer a full refund of your penis extender purchase if you are willing to track your gains for 6 months for us. For more information on our clinical studies and for how you can end up with an X4 Labs penis extender free of charge, simply use promotional code “CLINICAL” when checking out on our website or mention that you would like to participate in our clinical trials when ordering over the phone (toll-free 1-866-851-8858). Just please make sure you understand what is needed on your end and how to submit and track your data for us before beginning your therapy.

I see countless users every week having their refunds granted after following the instructions and tracking their gains. It is a very real possibility that yours will as well if you do the same. We are actually working on a press release featuring 10 years worth of in-house clinical trial results that we will be releasing in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Most clinical studies have exclusions for control purposes, would, for instance, Peyronies, race, circulatory ailments or anything else be cause for exclusion for the free product?

Also, the site doesn’t say how long is required for the data entry, does anybody know how long you have to use the product for in order to get the product for free?

I did 1 jelq, why am I not 12" yet.

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Gekiro, I would use the adjustment nuts on the extender to increase tension to somewhere over 600g but under 900g where you can feel a good stretch that produces slight discomfort, but would allow you to stay in the extender for as long as you want, or as long as the comfort of your attachment system will allow. Remember the more you compress the springs (move the adjustment nut towards your glans), the greater the tension will be.

Originally Posted by gekiro
I tried the velcro mod but was discouraged because I kept slipping. I will try the powder under the velcro strap soon.


I use cloth bandage (just behind the glans), and then a silicone comfort sleeve placed about 1/4” behind the glans, underneath the velcro strap. I also use the baby powder. I find this combo works and is comfortable. The reason I place the silicone sleeve a 1/4” further back is to stop the edge of the velcro (or even the comfort sleeve) irritating my glans.


Thank you for your answers everyone. It’s really hard to calibrate and find the proper tension. I tested between 600 and 900g and can last 1h (swollen glans). I’ll try to decrease the tension, find a good stretch and last longer.

Austfred, I believe the silicone comfort sleeve you’re talking about is the one here, not the one from autoxleeve ? I use a gauze from a french retailer on ebay, and it’s starting to tear apart. It’s hard to find a bandage except going to the pharmacy here.

comfort sleeves

Originally Posted by gekiro
Austfred, I believe the silicone comfort sleeve you’re talking about is the one here, not the one from autoxleeve ? I use a gauze from a french retailer on ebay, and it’s starting to tear apart. It’s hard to find a bandage except going to the pharmacy here.


AB Silicone sell them -…eve-single.html

Monkeybay - autoextendr slees them here -

As far as bandage goes a strip of cotton from and old shirt etc would do. I use a gauze bandage that is readily available from the pharmacy for a few $

That link you gave is for DIY silicone sleeves. I have never done that but am tempted.


Gekiro, it is indeed hard to find the exact tension you need using the adjustment nuts, but keep trying and you will. Also, as your tissues undergo creep and lengthen under tension, the tension will lessen because the springs will lengthen. You might need to make further adjustments at that point. I’m a details guy so I would check tension every 10-20 minutes in the extender to try and keep it relatively high but comfortable.

And that extreme head swell could be because of your attachment method just as easily as from the tension. I would follow Austfred’s advice on this one. He has tried several things and knows what he’s talking about.



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