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Extending Help Or Hurt


I posted in the linked thread but I’ll post here in case others don’t follow the link.

I bought some kid sized socks. Cut the toe end off the sock. Slide half of the sock’s length through the inside hole of the extender. Now fold the remaining half of the sock over the outside of the extender. This way you’re protected from the plastic, the hinges & the metal rods not only on your shaft but your other regions as well. If you need to adjust the screws, just fold the outer part of the sock down enough to reach the screws and adjust as needed. Once completed, just extend the sock over the outside of the extender again.

Good luck & good gains.

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When you guys are wearing your extender, what direction is your unit pointing? Straight up, out or down?

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I wear mine down. Up would stick out my pants and out could not work well unless I sit in my recliner and relax. So I recommend what is comfortable for you as long as you feel a stretch.

I have been using an extender for a little more than two months now. I am only able to wear it down due to work. And it would stick way out of my pants as well.


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