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Extender brand matter?

Extender brand matter?

I was wondering what you guys have used and what gave you success. I have a generic penis extender, not a expensive one or anything. I am wondering if I should get something like a size genetics or something along those lines.

Experience, information and ideas would help thanks

Nevermind Im just going to order a bathmate.

I have only tried two, the male edge and the X4.

The male edge was cheaply constructed, all plastic, and broke multiple times. On the plus side, it was easy to adjust and lengthen without needing to change bars or come out of the device.

The X4 is solid construction, metal bars, and had an extra wide base that was more comfortable for me. It was more expensive and more difficult to extend during the session, but has been reliable.

I like the bathmate, the normal, original hercules is simple and has been reliable. The accordian base is starting to become uncomfortable, so I tried the x30 with a wider more comfortable base. So far I haven’t been able to figure it out, and I’m still using the original. The 3 setting switch valve is either defective, too complicated for me or broken.

With all of that being said, I can not definitively attribute any of my permanent gains to any of the aforementioned devices. I like the bathmate for the great temporary girth boost and i like extenders as supplemental training, cementing, and filling the gaps between workouts.

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My bathmate should be in Thursday. I was doing a routine of jelqs, stretches, and heat and using the extender in between time but it just gets to uncomfortable after wearing it for a while. I dont see how some guys can wear it for 8 hours at a time. I think comfort is the number one key to extenders. If it isnt comfortable it isnt worth it. I have yet to find one worth the money. I guess Im just going to do jelqs and use the bathmate for now till I can find a good reliable and comfortable extender.

Hey Cookie,

For me, the biggest change to my extender is when I swapped out the default PeniMaster strap for the Monkeybar Modified VacExtender head kit. His kits fit just about any standard extender out there it looks like — if you’re having issues using the straps/noose and getting decent tension and comfort to wear the device for extended periods at a time then I’d *highly* recommend checking Monkeybar’s stuff out. I have an older v2 of the kit, but the same premise applies — it’s head cap with a silicone sleeve that rolls onto the penis which produces a light vacuum to keep things in place. I find it way more comfy. Looks like it’d be $89 ( for the upgrade nowadays, but I’d email Monkeybar and ask first.

Years ago when I first got the Penimaster I would be *lucky* if I could get 2 hours straight in the thing before I slipped out of the strap, or I just had to take it off because it was so damn uncomfortable. Adding on the “wrap up” and fiddling around time and it was a huge pain in the ass. With the current vacuum extender head basically the only time I take it off now is when I need to urinate, and the roll on/roll off time is under a minute. It really is that good.

Alternatively I know people have built their own extenders from information on here. These are from cantlook/favorites.html?you=143799&fid=1367 — and this would be much cheaper if you’re so inclined, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a similar “vacuum” sort of home made extender device. Maybe someone else can chime in?

Ive seen a lot of people say the vac extender is great except for fluid build up? Im not sure what they are talking about, like condensation of some sort inside of the actual vac head or inside of their penis. What is this “fluid” that I see so often as well. I went to a store yesterday and bought some ace bandage wrap and bandage tape. I am going to give that a go around and see if it feels more comfortable wearing it. If it does then Ill keep using it, if it doesnt I will look into the vac setup.

The fluid build up that you’re hearing is lymphatic fluid that is built up inside the head of the penis. It’s not nearly as big of a deal as you may think. It’s just that since there is a slight vacuum on the head of the penis, the fluid gets trapped there and additional fluid is drawn in above normal. So, when you take the cap off the head will have a bit of a spongy feel. The fluid goes away quickly and doesn’t build up much as long as you’re taking the cap off every hour or so like you should be anyway. I use my vac cap and extender for up to 8 hours a day with breaks, and have not experienced any issues from the vac cap. It’s definitely way more comfortable than the noose or strap.

That doesn’t sound to bad. I will look into the autoextender one and see what happens. Just dont want to spend a lot of money on something that wont work ya know.

I don’t blame you cookie, I was in that same position with the original extender. It absolutely sucks to outlay more money, but then again I justified it at as “Well, if I purchase this add-on then at least the larger $250 purchase I made isn’t totally worthless since I can’t/won’t use it to its potential.” That said, some people get the wrapping thing down for the original strap extender, so it surely can be done… however I was unable to do so, or couldn’t justify the time to fiddle with it. *If* you decide to go that route and get the vacextender adapter (which I do recommend if you want to give extending a fair shot, which requires extended time wearing the unit)then just remember to get the “Modified VacExtender 4.1 Basic Kit” ($79-ish) for the right unit you’re using (8mm or 9mm bar size) and *not* buy a whole other extender piece for more $$$.

Using the VacExtender the fluid buildup is very minimal. Just use some 3M micro foam surgical tape (monkeybar ships some with the product, and you can reorder off of Amazon for fairly cheap in bulk amounts). I do one strip over the tip of the penis while extending and that’s perfectly fine. The vacuum levels are so light in the extender I’ve never had an issue. The only thing that happens, as midthigh notes, is that your penis head will become a little engorged/spongy… for me it’s never really discolored either. Just kinda lightly swollen. This takes about 5min to go away completely, I’d say, if you just give a little massage. Absolutely no blisters, ever.

The only time I ever really “fully” tape up with the vac extender headpiece is when I’m free hanging weights off of it. This causes significantly more vacuum and pull and to be safe I do a piece over the tip and then a second longer piece wrapped around the glans entirely. The penis head gets a little spongy still, but otherwise no blisters, etc. So long as I tape it all up.

From putting the extender on, taping up, and rolling the cap on the total time to wear it is like 1minute. It might take longer at first as you get used to manipulating the sleeves, but once you do it’s total cake.

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