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Did anyone gain using just an extender?


Did anyone gain using just an extender?


I did search around the forums but couldn’t find an answer that would satisfy me, unfortunately.

I would like to purchase an extender because I find hanging troublesome for me at the moment (the grip on my bib is so tight that it damages the skin were it grabs the penis, if I let it a little bit looser it crushes my glans) and I have a lot of time and privacy for the time being so I can experiment.

So, did anyone gain from using an extender for the most part of PE, preferably after getting some “newbee” gains?


18.02.08: NBP 6.7, BPSFL 7.9, EG 5.9

18.05.08: 6.9" NBP, 8.3" BPSFL, 7.7" BP

my lazy ass is on a break AGAIN, since late may '08

If you want to stick with a hanger you might want to check out the vac-hanger at

It’s very comfortable. Basically the same thing that happened to you, happened to me just a little earlier. I can wear the vac-hanger easily for longer than I could with the bib.

Just a thought.

Many people gain using just extenders.

I have one, but have only been using it for a short while. It’s definitely done something (a little) for my base girth, EQ, and length.

The word is that most people get mostly length gains, and only some of them get good girth gains.

Even fewer get only girth. Strange.

I would advise NOT buying one of those stupidly expensive ones like FastSize or SizeGenetics. You can get one cheaper.

The biggest problem is slippage.

I’ve never used a Vac-extender, but people swear by them. Check out the site RandomGiant suggested above.

I am only interested at length at the moment. I don’t want to try vac hangers/extenders just yet. With the bib I got to hanging 10kg and I am going up (for me, I found is better to hang with high weight for shorter time) - I fear that with a vacum type hanger I will get blisters.

I will wait for a few more replies and then I will order an extender (something like the penimaster, designwise).

I may even combine it with hanging, as it seems this is the best combo for length.

Thanks for your replies!

18.02.08: NBP 6.7, BPSFL 7.9, EG 5.9

18.05.08: 6.9" NBP, 8.3" BPSFL, 7.7" BP

my lazy ass is on a break AGAIN, since late may '08

I did, but the gains from the extender alone were slow and insignificant (about 0.5 centimeter every 2 to 3 months). I implemented a stretching and jelqing routine to speed up gains, and recently a clamping routine.

Most would probably say that the extender is just a supplement to their jelqing and stretching, which is where they gain most significantly.

Does any one use the Static Stretcher? I’ve been thinking about buying one,but want to hear form someone that has used it. Miron You should check it out. StaticStretcher dot com

Originally Posted by PrinceJohn
Does any one use the Static Stretcher? I’ve been thinking about buying one,but want to hear form someone that has used it. Miron You should check it out. StaticStretcher dot com

You should type out the link so we can go there direct. I’m interested, too! Wait, I’ll try myself :)


I recently purchased an Omega extender for $100. It’s a lot cheaper than those expensive ones and the design and hardware is basically all the same stuff you get with the expensive bullshit. I too am interested in making gains. I have found that the jelqing and stretching aren’t doing a whole lot right now. I’m a little older than most of the guys on this forum so I think to an extent my age works against me. I did try pumping back in the eighty’s. I pumped furiously determined to get a big one. I got a little bit of girth gain but did some penis damage in the process that is still with me today. I’m now 56 and have got a new girlfriend who had a former lover that had a big dick. It’s really irritating to me at times as I really like this girl and at times I wish I was the biggest she’s had but it’s not that way. Anyhow, she insists that she’s happy with our sex life, so that takes some of the sting out. I’m about what I would consider average..6.5 erect length and about 5.5 erect girth. I would like to be at least 7.5” E.L. and 6.0” E.G. She used to play with 9 inch vibrators and needless to say that’s very intimidating. I’m hoping the extender will help. I’ve only been able to devote 3 hrs. on three nights to it so far. I think you have to use it daily to get results. For now I can’t do that because of my schedule. If you Google the Omega extender you’ll get a look at it.

If your already 6.5x5.5 it’s highly possible you will hit your goal in about 1 year, with a smart program.

It is possible to gain with just an extender.

The various extenders can apply from 1-13lbs of tension force.

Some of us like the vacuum head, as it provides a well balanced force across the glans and part of the shaft.

The new C clamp or PE Extender looks like a quick locking clamp.

Some of the extenders can also be use in a “traction” mode. Where they will hold everything spread apart a certain

As you know theres different viewpoints, both correct on what is happening with respect to growth via increasing traction and increasing

Most of us have learned to implement a PE program using several techniques. Most common use of some sort of warmup, jelq and/or pump, along
With a traction-like excersise ( weight, extenders, etc ).

Buby come up with a theory of time vs load, that increasing time or load will get the work done faster.

Theres alot of information on this website, and it took me about 2-3 months to figure out what was really effective.

Thank you for your reply. If I could achieve my goal in a year I would be elated. I have gone back to my stretching exercises as well as some jelqing with a set of “canning tongs”. Some guys are selling these on EBay as power jelqing devices. They are canning tongs with foam pads on them. I had a lot of problems many years ago with pumping. Unfortunately I did some penis damage by overdoing it. I’m a little leery about pumping right now, I tried a little bit a month ago and the prostate irritation I experienced years ago started coming back, so I quit for now. I really do think if I could devote more time to my P.E. Exercises, I might realize my goal within a year. Right now I’m doing what I can with the time I have. I really do hope I can have a bigger unit in time.

I do have some good advice, I will provide.

1. Go back to pumping. Do no more than 3 5-8 minute sessions in the 3-5 in of mercury range. Jelq in between sets with olive oil or vitamin E oil or something
Non-petroleum based. If doing length based work, many are pumping AFTER the length based work. Reason is, tissues are more compliant and should be able to expand further in pump tube.

2. Alternate girth and length work. Length work will bring in some girth and girth work will bring in some length. You will reach sticking points in a couple of months no matter what the program. Choose to alternate your basis at this point. If you had been focusing on length switch to girth basis. Many of us are switching the program basis at around 3 months.

3. With ADS or weight. The thought which is working is short period of time with medium or heavy load followed by longer time with light load letting it “heal” or “have memory” in the extended state. It is natural for it to turtle after time with heavy load, so the common sense was to hold it extended for some time. The avg durations work out to 1-2 hrs with heavy load ads or weight (5-15LB, greater than natural BPFSL ),followed by 4-8 hrs of wrap or light ads ( 1-2lb ) extended close to BPFSL. Penis is worked and allowed to heal in extended state.

4. Use heat. Heat should be used before workout, via heating pad, or warm bath, or pot of warm water. Use heat around pump tube during pumping. Use heat around penis for first 80% of time during ADS or weight work, allowing collegen to stretch further - but last 20% of time let it remain elongated in room tempurature. The most commonly heard value for tempurature, is tissues are heated in 104-110 degrees farenheit.

5. Listen to your “go” “no go” signals. Sparkyx calls them PI’s. Negative PI’s would include consistent turtleing of the flaciid penis, tough or beefjerky like texture of the inner penis tissues. If you have negative PI’s take a day off, or do a very light routine. My suggestion is also a 15 minute warm BATH on these days and make sure you relax. It takes 1-2 days for most of us to get over a negative PI.

6. Some have found PE after a sexual act results in a highly compliant tissues. If your lover or friend wants to help out, they might provide 5-10 minutes of sexual activity ( do not come ), to help achieve this state. No one is sure what it is exactly yet, but my thought is hormone balence is helping out. Try it.

7. Kegels. After a week of doing kegels at work or while driving, I got my morning erections. It was involuntary. Kegels help with ejac distance, and with EQ holding ability. By doing Kegels, even if I ejac “not under power”, I get distance when before it was a dribble. I still have not had an ejaq “under power” after doing kegels, but I estimate I would gain 50% distnace..

8. Ejac retention. If you have low erection power or ejaq power, practicing ejaq retention will teach you to store your sexual energy. Consider storing sexual energy by doing sexual act without orgasm, for one week. Clear the system once a week. Consider initial load of 30 days without ejaq, to explore what you are capable of.

Set up your one year plan, most of the tenents I have contained in my post on what is going to get you there.

I would do something like:

Month 1-3: 70% length, 30% girth
Month 4-6: 30% length, 70% girth
Month 7-9: 70% length, 30% girth
Month 10-12: 30% length, 70% girth

Length work is heavy ads or weights followed by wraps or low tension ads
Girth work is pumping or clamping or orange bends

Excellent..Thank you.

Great post optimalss! Thanks!

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