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Creatine makes wearing an extender less painful/achy!

Creatine makes wearing an extender less painful/achy!

I bought a noose style extender and for the longest time I would have to take the thing off every 1/2 hour to every 2 hours because of a strong ache that would start (usually pretty close to every 1/2 hour). I tried a few different things and something that helped alot is using some t-shirt material as a cushion. I cut 2 rectangles and fold them 3 times so that the cushion is 8x2 layers of t-shirt material thick. That lets me wear it for longer periods of time but still I get achy every couple hours and have to take it off… A couple weeks ago I took some Creatine Ethyl Ester I bought from the UK and the next day I noticed I didn’t get achy from the extender anymore! The CEE I bought was just a trial pack so when that ran out and the achyness returned I knew it was helping! I bought a kilo of CEE from the “NutraBulk” brand off amazon and its working *almost* as well. Word of warning tho… this powder disolves in water just fine but it will trigger your gag reflex something fierce and the liquid is not good for the teeth anyway. I’m going to get come caps but in the mean time rinsing my mouth with listerine until my whole mouth is basically numb lets me drink it mixed with water (as a precaution I do this near the tub).

Now I take it off every 2+ hours anyway but there is usually no ache while wearing it. There is some redness and sometimes the reason I take it off is because of whiteness in my glans because its shrunk and started to get pulled through. In anycase this bodes well because its making it much easier to do the 8+ hours a day I need to do this and the CEE will last a year pretty easy.

It’s probably because there is a lot more water I between your cells now. I noticed something like this when I would drink a lot of water, my penis would be fuller And hang lower and fatter. Let me know if you get any good gains from this creatine and how much have you gained so far using the extender?

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