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Considering the purchase of an extender


Originally Posted by Klayton
Ok a question for disi or any other penimaster user: what is the difference between the one sold on the German site and the one on pmdevice. com, is there a real difference and is the German (newer) one worth the extra money?

I believe it’s the same. They import this extender from Germany. However currently they have PM1, while Germans seem not to sell it any more-they have PM2 only now.

This is starting to be a good thread. I’m curious about getting some sort of stretching device and/or an ADS as well. My concern with the vacuum style extender is that i’m pierced several times through the glands, so I think that’ll interfere with the suction or possible pull on the piercings. I have just started looking into this. Do people really see gains?

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