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Can you achieve gains from extenders with only 1 or 2 hours a day of use?


Can you achieve gains from extenders with only 1 or 2 hours a day of use?

I have read a lot about extenders (I am talking about rod extenders like the Size Genetics, not to be confused with all day stretchers like the Phallosan) and most of the time people recommend either 6 or 12 hours a day.

Has anybody had results -solely- from using an extender for only an hour or two a day?
I put emphasis on *solely*, because if you did manual routines and/or other devices at the same time, it’s hard to tell if the 1-2 hours a day of wearing the extender did anything at all or if the results came from the other techniques.

I can only wear two hours a day max in privacy, even if concealed.

Please don’t post things like “just focus on manual stretching at first”, I already know this.
Due to a specific medical condition, extenders with light tension are more suitable in my case than manual stretching, hence why I am making this thread in the first place.

Thanks guys!

If you want to look at it this way, if you wore it 2 hours a day versus 0 hours a day, you would be more likely to achieve gains, something is better than nothing, I say go for it, perhaps you can answer the question for yourself. Good luck with your gains.

Obviously it would take longer time to get gains if you have it on a few hours a day

I gained about an inch using an extender for 3 to 3.5 hours a day. However, it took almost five years.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

Try to find different times to wear it. I realized that I could wear my extender while driving. This allows me to wear it almost daily for at least 2-4 hours on the road. Just make sure you wear looser pants or shorts and have opportunities to pullover and adjust if needed.

Happy stretching

Cheers, my starting stats 17-02-2016

BPFL=5.0" (12.7cm) BPEL=7.0" (17.78cm) EG=TBA

FG=4.0" (10.16cm) EG= 4.5" (11.4cm)

Hi I am also in the same boat. I am doing stretching and jelqing already. But I want to add ADS during 1-2 hours I have everyday.

“Something is better then nothing” is totally true, any gains are good gains so if it’ll find extra time to stretch longer!

That’s what I’m doing

August 2015 - BPEL 6" EG 5.25" BPFL 3.5" FG 4.25"

1st Goal - BPEL 7.5" EG 6.25" BPFL 4.5" FG 5.25"

I wore mine from 15 minutes to 3 hours a day for around a year and a half. I did some other things but the lions share of the PE was based around the extender. The X4 is how I got into PE at all.

My first gains were 1.3” length and .75” girth. The most I got from any single method. I was haphazard with my usage, this was in the beginning. I only know I was sparing in my use because it just was too uncomfortable and impractical to wear for more than an hour or 2 (3 on an off day with no plans).

I started with the X4 because I have a trick wrist that hates the repetitive and sustained grips and motions of manual exercises. So manuals for me were a distant second on the penis enlargement priority list.

You can do it. Patience and faith will be key. Stay positive.

Now: 9" BPEL x 6" MSEG as of 12/16/2016 This is my story, a few progress pics of me here, and all my methods.

Then: 6.25" x 4.37" in 8/2009 Are you new to PE? Here's some advice I wish someone had given me when I first started.

My current PE4F pumping project and my balls enhancement project. There is no "Holy Grail" of Penis Enlargement. Only time and effort works. I'm *8* years in and counting. All you have to do is put the work in and keep the faith.

Hi to all.

From my exp. I believe with 2 hours a day, plus some eventually tugs every time that you go to toilet its possible to see some length increase. And I saying because it happen to me. I am doing basically just the extender at least 2 hour at least 5 days a week with some occasionally jelqs after to restore the good look. And I already saw length gain. Almost 3mm .its not official yet because I would like the wait more to be sure. Am was doing manuals stretch and a few jelqs and once in a week clamping for 4-5 months.. But I feel much more tension e look bigger now with the extender. So again yes I think so.

Re-start on 10/2016 BPEL 1640mm / EG 1420mm Current BPEL 1775mm - 6.97" / EG 1450mm - 5.70"

I’m in the same boat. 2 hours would probably be max. I just don’t have the time and I’m not about to wake up super early just to put an extender on, sleep is more precious than PE.

I got my extender but have maybe wore it like twice so far. I’m about to start wearing it after this week though and after that week I’ll finally be able to wear it way more.

Gaining in progress...

Two hours its better than zero hours.. And You can always stretch your unit every time you visit the toilet. Good gains

Re-start on 10/2016 BPEL 1640mm / EG 1420mm Current BPEL 1775mm - 6.97" / EG 1450mm - 5.70"

I get about .7 inch worth of length gains in 6 months, 3 to 5 hours a day worth of extending. Afterwards I need a decon break but it hasn’t let me down yet.

Try to introduce heat while extending, not just before/after.

How much tension do i need with the allday stretcher? Do i get gains if the tension is light/normal? I dont really feel any big stretch like i do manual stretching, its just comfortable now with a light/normal stretch. Just afraid i wont gain anything wearing it for hours a day.

Start: BPEL 7.0 - EG 5.1 (20Feb16)

Now: BPEL 7.7 - EG 5.4 (20Feb18)

I am using pro extender for my penis enlargement, At first, it’s painful and I have to admit I suffer when I start wearing it. I used it 3 times a day and to see the better result I have to keep doing it for at least 6 months on-wards.

Doing this routine I see that I gain 1.5% from its promise 26% for 6 months.

You have to do it for your self and record it for motivation. Good luck!

There is no rule for being awesome

I almost use extender 3-4 hours daily and get 1cm progress after 3 month I hope it is growth much more.

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