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Bundled ADS

Bundled ADS

I recently started using the leg strap with the vac extender. Absolutely great device, albeit painful after 20 minutes, but I can actually stretch now so I will work with it.

I’ve noticed you can create pretty powerful tension with this device. My idea/question is; provided it remains functional, would using the bundled stretch approach be more apt to gain quickly than the traditional straight stretches you would do with ads?

I am definitely going to try this. My girth has stalled at a tad over 6 but I did manage a quarter inch in length by doing a lot of jelqing and edging with a cock ring on. I don’t want to say much else until I am sure about what things I’m doing are working, but as it stands now I’ve gone from average to 7.75 by 6+ going down the shaft. Suffice to say something is working, so I am excited to figure out what.

The cock thickens

I was thinking about that principle also since I have the vacextender too. Maybe you are putting too much force on the strap. My idea would be to use a strap connected to a spring which connects to the vac extender ring. That way you could wear it as an ADS device but with a maximum pull defined by the spring of no more than 3-5 lbs. Or use Theraband in place of the spring maybe.

I actually like the idea of using it for more rigorous stretching and if I can pull a few hours of bundled stretching with it I am sure it would be worth it provided I don’t overtrain. I will consider the idea of lowered tension for a few hours afterwards, maybe use it how it’s meant to be used in combination with the way I want to use it.

The cock thickens

Bundles will toughen you up but might give you length and girth grow.

I would use bundles for the last growth you want to achieve. Cause after bundles normal stretches might not be effective anymore and the next step woudl be along deconditioning break or even stronger or longer exercises(hanging..(bundled) )

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