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Beginner Routine

Beginner Routine

So I just got my x4 in the mail yesterday and am wanting to use it in conjunction with my usual manual stetches. I was wondering if any vets here had a good routine they’d suggest. I’ve seen some threads on PEgym about this topic and a couple have used their extenders at the end of a session to, I assume, try and heal in an extended state. I’ve also talked to a couple people saying that they replaced manuals with it and used it as the main focus in their routine.

I personally want to try it at the end of my workout, but I’m very open to options and opinions of the great minds here.

I hope to start at the beginning of my next workout week which would be Saturday.

When I first started PE, about a hundred years ago, I would warm up with a hot wash cloth, stretch my penis right, left, then down, then up, then straight out, for thirty seconds in each direction. I would do two cycles like that. Then I would do one hundred jelqs. I would edge for a few minutes, take a shower, and put on my extender for four hours, five if I could, taking it off every hour or so to make sure it was getting fresh blood in it. The length of the extender arms, measured from the bottom of the base, straight out at a ninety degree angle was shorter than my Bone Pressed Erect Length, by about an inch and a quarter. Which seemed silly to me, like, what difference could that possibly make? But after just five days of doing that, I was masturbating and thought to myself “Hey,it might be my imagination. but it does seem bigger”. I measured, and I had gained a quarter inch. I couldn’t believe it. Measured again after doing the same routine for another week, and I had gained another quarter inch. For a total of a half inch in length in just two weeks. If a product had been claiming it could do that, I would have never believed it. After this, my gains slowed, Where I was gaining a quarter inch every two weeks. That continued for another four weeks, when I hit a wall and just switched to working out every other day for a month. So I’ve read post where people claim you must extend at a longer length than your BPEL, but I don’t believe it. I had awesome gains with a light workout, and then “healing” or recovering anyways, in a slightly extended state. Just basically an inch or so longer than my regular flaccid state. Now I would not tell you to get your hopes up that you can gain an inch in length in just six weeks. I realise that is a very atypical result. But that was my experience, and I wish you much luck and hope this inspires you some. Remember, recover in an extended, but not stretched state. It definitely worked for me.

I’m also looking for some kind of routine so please help :) my story so far: I’ve recently bought an extender and the 1st time I tried to use it was a fail because I overstretched and end up bruising and making small wound just behind my glans where I attached the noose strap after the injury I took some time off until it completely healed. The 2nd time I started I was a lot more careful and wore the extender for 5 days for about 7-8 hours a day but on the 6th day I wanted to rub one out immediately after wearing the extender for about an hour and ended up injuring myself again but this time I got the vertical “guitar/string” cord on the right side about an inch behind my glans and something like a bubble underneath the big vein in the middle of my shaft. Some days have already passed and like before I laid off PE and all sexual activity but this injuries seems to heal a lot slower. My question is what routine should I use ? After reading a lot more this time I think the best program would be using the newbie routine but I really want to include the extender, so do you think this would work ?

1. 5-10 min warm wrap with towel.
2. Manual stretching (10 x 30 seconds all directions)
3. Wearing the extender for 4-5 hours.
4. Warm wrap with towel.
5. No more than 50-80 wet/dry jelq whenever I get the chance.
And I plan on doing this routine 2 days on 1 day off.

Any advices are appreciated.

I only have a pump for now but after hearing about these extenders I want to try one, especially after hearing raybbaby’s experience with it. I’m fine with my length for now and mainly want to get my girth up but it still sounds fun to play with.

Gaining in progress...

I’m relatively new and just did my first day it was exciting none the least I just stuck to the newbie routine in hopes to perfect the basics techs. They were actually easier than expected that’s if if I’m doing them right (I hope) but I do feel a slight “work out” in that area. As a newbie I plan to stick to PE as a habit and lifestyle so start of slow and add later. Aside from that I’m here for any tips, variations or advice for a newbie. Thanks and Happy PEing

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