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Been using my extender a bit differently.

Been using my extender a bit differently.

Hey guys I have been using the vac extender for the last month but a bit differently and thought I would post because its been a blessing comfort and time wise and it might be of use to someone.

I have a KR extender and the V4.1 kit and it’s a great piece of kit but its bulky and takes a bit of messing to get on (Once its on its solid) and what I wanted was something I could get on/off quick so I can use every available bit of time I have and so I can check my head every now and again.

Ok so I experimented with other caps and sleeve lengths and then remembered The old stealth cap from the autoxsleeve I had from ages ago. I tried it and its perfect, the thing with this cap is that the head is not sucked in to a cylinder but just held in place. The penis extended is held with a light vacuum but more so just held in place grip wide from the sleeve, its solid and would take a lot for me to pull it off. I have been wearing it for 6-10 hours everyday and only taking it off every 2-3 hours but its just being safe to make sure the penis is fine. My head comes out fine, just slightly red, no bumps, white marks or blisters. I can put it on/off in seconds.

How much force are you using?

I noticed it takes longer to achieve stress relaxation using greater force. What I’ve been doing is to get stress relaxation as early as possible using lower force then waste no time increasing the tension up to what the vacuum can handle without causing slippage. Don’t believe you need to wear it 6 hrs a day so long as you can maintain stress relaxation at higher forces. Yesterday I had trouble getting the dick to relax fully so cut short my extending. I believe manufacturers recommend 1kg or less because they can’t be certain who is going to get injured and who isn’t, so they play it safe for everyone. Find out how much you and the vacuum can handle safely over the next few weeks. Keep a check on any discomfort and if it worsens even a little over time reduce your maximum.

I don’t go by force, I just make sure the penis is being held at its stretched length, just enough pull. I do it this way after reading numerous posts from Marinera and Raybbay.

Kbs83, I’ve been using my SG extender with a cut down autoxleeve, the stealth cap and the vacextender head, sounds like what you are doing. I use it after 10 minutes of BMate in the mornings and wear it until lunch, then off for an hour, then back on from lunch until dinner. Currently I’ve cut my xleeve down to where it only covers the stealth cap and just a bit below the glans to hold the cap in place while under tension. I’m wondering thought would it be best to cut an xleeve so it covers the stealth cap and all the way down the shaft to the base, thinking this would focus the stretching on the ligs instead of all the skin on the shaft.

How much sleeve are you using and what are your thoughts on this approach?

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