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Base Hurts

Base Hurts

So I’ve been wearing my x4 labs extender for about a month and I wear it 2 hours then 5 mins off. But it kills my testicles any suggestions?

Don’t understand how that is possible. Is it the bottom edge of the extender causing the discomfort?

Yes, I should have clarified.

I could be pinching the skin

Get some foam padding at the fabric store. 1” if they have it or 1/2” and double it over. Make about a 4”x4” square, cut a hole in the center for the schlong and use it as a base pad under the extender.


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Oh thank that looks awesome. I’ve been using a piece of a sock I cut up, it doesn’t work clearly lol.

Thank you.

A piece of 1/2” closed cell foam from like a camping pad or yoga mat may work even better. But the open cell foam I’m using is working for me so I never pursued the other type.

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