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Hello all
As someone might remember, I’ve been an active user here some years ago.
Actually I’ ve never been so deep in PE - never measured eagerly waiting for gains; nonetheless, I tried in the past many different PE devices. My very first has been the Penimaster, which I soon modified with the VacExtender cap.
Over time I tried almost everything else (all but clamping): vacuum pumping, an ANS (xleeve), stretches, and of course jelqing. As a consequence, I developed a VERY conditioned penis: I could pump for 2 hours with no ill effects.

All in all, I think I gained something between 0.5 and 1 inch.
Then, in the past 3 years I mostly abandoned PE; again, I wasn’t that motivated to gain (I’m ~ 6.75” NBPEL, 5.5” EG), and starting to live with my gf left me much less time to PE (and much more to feel confident with my endowment).

Now, while I have time back (my gf for work is often far from home), I noticed that in the recent period I seemed to suffer a minor decrease in size.
So, I decided to get back to PE; in the past 3 days I wore back the Penimaster, always with vacext head, plus an IR lamp to heat.

I decided to open this thread because I’ve been amazed by the length of the rods I had to mount. In a couple days I lengthened the penimaster from the previous size by a good 1.5”. Every 3 hours or so I could add .25”, because the tension (shown by the springs) was just decreasing. I have also been conservative, I feel like I could have pushed a lot harder. Now the rods are slightly more than 8” long.
Has anyone ever experienced something similar?
I wonder whether that’s going to have any actual effect on EL. I doubt it, but hoping is good.

Some people beliave is better to be gradual and go step by step. There was a guy who claimed having gotten 2 inches with SG in 13 months and alwasys maximun tension. He even bought a cockring to have a better grip. The thread was: “is size genetics a scam?”

When conguering a golddigger you need a large bank account, when conquering a dickdigger you need a large tool. When conquering a woman you need a minimum of three things: money, class and yes: dick size. Good news are, you can actually improve in all these three aspects.

Check your BPFSL while in the stretcher at the beginning of your session and at the end of your session to see how much stretch you are really getting.

When I use the PM, if I start with low tension (1st hash mark on rod), by the time I end my session, I can add 1.5” to 2” rods. Some of it is a slow stretch, some of it is pushing the device deeper into my fat pad. The more tension I use, the deeper it pushes in. At the beginning of the session, my BPFSL will typically be 8.5”. By the end of my session it usually measures around 9” to 9.25”.

Even though it may seem that I’m getting up to 2” stretch based on the length of the rods I’m adding, the BPFSL measurements prove that the stretch is really < 1”.

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

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