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AutoExtender Question

AutoExtender Question

Just a question for the users of the AutoExtender and JesExtender. How many minutes or hours are you able to wear your extender before you have to take a break and let the blood get circulating once again? Do you use any modifications to help keep better circulation to the head? :-k

If you are a user of one of these extenders your input and any advice you can share from your experiences of using it would be greatly appreciated.

Ok Quest, I’ll share with you what I’ve found so far. I don’t know about others but I personally do my routine like this and it appears to be working well for me. AM- stretch out for 1 hour with the A/E. I take a 5 minute break halfway into the session (completely release the A/E) from my unit to regain circulation. Then, go the other 30 minutes until the hour is up.

You see, I don’t try and wear the auto all day long , just can’t do it. There is way too much life going on in a day to try and wear this thing. Instead, after the session is done I shake and stretch out my unit well then put on my pe weights (2lbs) and wear them for 1 hr to keep the ligs and tissue extended.

After that hour is up, I remove the weights for about 1 hr. This will renew blood circulation and keeps my member from getting completely worn out from all the wear and tear (little break from it all, if you will). Then, an hour later I’ll put the weights back on and go at it again. I alternate back and forth like this all day 1 hr on/ 1 hr off and I average 5- 7 hrs a day hang time using this fashion. Works out to around 30- 40 hrs per week stretch time @ 6 days per week.

Sometimes if time permits, I’ll go for 1 hr with the A/E around 3:00 - 4:00 PM to really stretch things out good again then, use the weights again as before. In the PM, I go for one last 1 hr stretch watching TV with the A/E usually around 9:00 PM then, jelk for 20 min with my power jelk. I jelk 2 days on/ 1 off.

Now, question is, is all this stetching working? I’d have to say definitely! Since starting using the A/E May 1st 2005, I’ve recorded 3 gains in FSL, not huge gains but gains nonetheleast. The first was 6/9/05— 7 1/6”, 2nd 6/29/05— 7 1/8”, 3rd (today) 7/6/05— 7 1/4”. I’ve also seen a 1/4” gain in BPEL from 6” to 6 1/4” since starting. So my FSL is exceeding my BPEL by about 1”.

My routine and experiences are not unique though. I’ve read a lot of post here at Thunders from fellow member Monty 539 and he shares the same success using this routine. As long as it keeps working I’ll keep doing it…so far so good!

Just want to thank-you Ineed9 for your very informative reply to my question. You seem to have a very regular routine that is giving you good results. I think I will look into purchasing some of these weights. Do you find that wearing the weights results in less circulation restriction compared to the AutoExtender?

Today I was able to wear my AutoExtender for a total of 4 hours which was comprised of 3 sets at 1 hour and 2 sets at 30 minutes each. I added a small foam cushion on each side of the clamp that I think make it a little more comfortable for me.

I am able to wear the JE for 2-3 hours the first time of the day without any breaks, then after a 10 min break I am able to put it on again but the wear time goes down to maybe 1-2 hours. It seems that the time that I am able to wear it without pain decreases after each set, so that in the evening I am only able to wear it for 30-45 min without a break. At the most I can wear it for 10 hours a day, but my average is 6-7 hours a day, 40-50 hours a week.
I use the standard Jes- ext with the loop around the head, for protection I use the “protection pad” delivered with the JE ( I have already gotten 4 more from them, because these wear out after a month of use).

The best advise I can give you is to use talcum (baby powder) before each fitting, this really helps alot espesially with the burning sensation on the balls after a few hours of wearing.

I have been using it for 12 weeks now (460 hours, keeping track) with a one week break after week ten.

And the gains comes slow but steady (I hope), increase in FSL 1,5 cm, increase in EL 1,5 cm, the increase in girth I really don’t know because I didnt measure, but it is thicker than before.
Actually the first noticable gains was an increase of base girth that appeared after 6 days of use.
I actually was a bit scared about the girth gain because this appeared over night, so I thought something wrong had happened, but this is more than to months ago and everything works fine, and it seems that the base girth continues to grow.

I am also very interested in other members results using extenders, will the gains continue or slow down?
What kind of gains could one expect in say 1000 hours of use? I know about the calculators on the homepages but is this for real?
Long time users please respond

Hey Quest, how’s it going?

Sorry I haven’t replied back but didn’t see this thread until today. I just happened to do a search for Autoextender and it came up, glad I found it. Anyway, glad to hear you’re still at it with the Auto. Yes, you’re welcome! Did you get the Pe weights yet? To answer your question, I’ve found them to be about equal in terms of loss of circulation during use. I rewrap every 30 mins to restore blood circulation or as needed.

I’m into my 4th month now with all this and still using the same routine as before. After my morning stretch with the Auto, I then slip on 3 weights up the shaft and wear them for another hour (that’s 2 hours already). I usually remove the weights about mid point of an hour (30 mins) to restore circulation then finish up the hour. As you know, I alternate this routine with the weghts 1hr on/ 1 hr off all thru the day into the evening. I average around 6- 7 hrs per day with the weights with the last stretch of the evening being with the Auto, then that’s it for the day.

I personally only use the Auto 2 times a day, once in the AM, once in the PM, to get everything good and stretched out then the weights go on for all the hours in between during the day. I work in my shop all day so the weights allow me to just hang and stay mobile while working.. just can’t do that with the Auto so these weights, to me, are perfect for my situation.

Yes, I agree about the foam on either side of the head clamp, good idea! If I tried to use it many hours a day I’d definately have to increase the comfort level. It does tend to dig-in to the ole noodle after 30- 45 min for sure.

Hey, have you noticed any gains yet? I’ve been stuck at 7- 7 1/4” FSL for over 1 1/2 months now but flaccid hang is still getting better so I hope this is an indication of gains to come. I use to think that enlarging the ole unit only took maybe 3- 4 months of steady work but now I’m thinking it’s far longer than that. Monkeybar indicates on his site that’s it’s more like 4- 9 months and I’m starting to agree with that statement, heck, it might take a year or 2 as others have said. I now just pretty much stretch and hang with weights everyday without much thinking about. I think we have to just make it part of life and eventually the gains will come.

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