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Autoextender prototype

Autoextender prototype

Okay someone asked for the plan on homebuilt extender. I have had several homemade prototypes before going into customized solution. At this point I don’t have the prototypes anymore (too many junk laying around) so I had to draw in windows paint. Warning - I’m not an artist.

Diagram is attached below. Warning- you need to be fairly handy to do this. Also, its been a while, so you’ll need to improvise on the materials (i.e. sizes).

What you will need: household tools (plier, screw drive, etc), hack saw, drill/drill bit and heat gun.

Material -

1) Threaded rod (home depot sells them in 3 feet length)
2) flanged plumbing pipe - they sell 1 1/2 to 4 ” diameter (make your own choice here). This is in plumbing section.
3) drain pipe - this is a thin drain pipe usually used for sink drain - diameter is 1.25” I think.
4) small eyerod (really small) you can’t get these in HD, but can at Mcmaster. Don’t remember the size, but eye has to be large enough for threaded rod - machine screw end.
5) slight bigger eyerod - same here. This will be used in base.
6) various size nut - to tighten threaded rod and eyerods. Pick the sizes you’ve chosen.
7) large nut - get a 1/2” long and large enough for your fingers.
8) Industrial glue (set both metal and plastic) - to glue rubber to head unit.
8) the most important part - adult toy. Yes they are made of soft silicone. You may have to actually go to adult store to pick the right one. You don’t want it too soft as it will give too much.

Installation instruction - well I started to write this part and realized that it will take me all day to write the nuances (sp?) of every processes. If you are handy, you could figure it out. If you have any question, just give me a holler.

Design consideration - you probably seen similar homemade extenders. Some uses turnbuckle, nuts, etc. I guess the only part that I was really focusing on was the head. I didn’t care how the gizmo went up and down - all I cared about was head unit comfort. Lot of people talk about using some sort of wrap to make uncomfortable unit comfortable. Well I took it different approach and that was the reason that I tried the adult toy product. Lets face it, I really hate wearing this stuff and wished that I was naturally hung, but I’m given what Iwas given and I’ll have to deal with it by wearing these stuff. I’m just trying to make it more comfortable.

Again, let me know if you need any help.


Originally Posted by monkeybar

Diagram is attached below. Warning- you need to be fairly handy to do this. Also, it’s been a while, so you’ll need to improvise on the materials (I.e. Sizes).

I can not find the diagram.



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