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Auto Extender Mod + Piet's version

Auto Extender Mod + Piet's version

Is it theoretically possible to buy the AE mod and attach it to one of Piet’s stretchers? I was gonna buy a PM , but after seeing the mod, I kind of want to have the best of both worlds. Any thoughts?

Anyone? I need to know if it would work because i’d be ordering in the nxt week.

While Piet would be the best person to answer your question, I’ll put my spoke in for some things you can consider before ordering.

My guess is, as things stand, it would not be possible. Because the clamp in Piet’s stretcher is secured by moving the clamp along the two rods.

The only way I can see it would work is to drill out the two places where the PM rods will go, and adjust the length using the nuts on the remainig part of the holder.
But this would weaken the AE mod, and the two sockets would be at the mercy of two longs rods which if opened utwards by your hand have enough power to break the lugs if there was much pressure there

The only other alternative would be to make use of the holes for the attached weights, by securing a tube in the two holes each side, But this would require a special assembly made up specially and would be expensive.

However, you may prefer to see if Piet has any ideas on the matter. He’s pretty clever in doing things so may have a solution. But I would suggest you don’t buy anythng for that purpose until you have some more information.


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As Petitfaun pointed out the clamp in my stretcher goes along the two rods and not at the end like with the JES and PM. Drilling holes would work. The AE mod looks strong enough for it but you can circumvent it by using a turnbuckle. Then you would only have to find a rod with thickness matching the PM rods. I’m not sure if you can buy them anywhere but a cylinder threaded at the inside would also work instead of a turnbuckle.

Petitfun,what would you recommend?

I can get a penimaster inb asically new condition for $103 dollars including shipping

or i can get an Autoextender from the site for 150?

Which way would you go? Is it THAT much more comfortable than the original penimaster?


First it rather depends on the ‘basically new condition’ it is in. If it is for sale on E-bay, then you have to rely on the sellers sales talk. If it goes wrong then you don’t have any guarantee.

Second, If you want the comfort of the AE head rather than the PM strap, then you will still be in for paying $150 or so for the Pm and modified AE head. So the difference in cost is minimal if you go that way

The general consensus of those who have responded on the AE comfort is positive. As well as the vets who have looked at the two methods of securing the penis in the apparatus, and seem fairly well convinced that the AE is superior.

There is far less discomfort in the actual securing of your penis head in the AE ‘jaws’ than in the PM strap, although after a period of compression both methods can produce soreness and a rather sad looking top when it comes out of the compression. But my experience is that it is less painful using the AE ‘jaws’ head than the PM strap, as it seems not so much pressure is required to hold your dick in the mechanism.

Given your situation and if you want the AE head then the complete AE unit seems to be the best choice.


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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:


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