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Are Extenders WaterProof?

Are Extenders WaterProof?

I ordered the AutoExtender and I can’t wait for it to arrive. I’ve been trying to figure out a routine for a while and I thought about wearing the

extender while taking a warm shower/bath. Is this advisable or just down right stupid?

If the Auto Extender is anything like the Eco Extender that I have (think mine is just a knockoff) then I wouldn’t. I don’t know if the metal would rust, my guess is that it would. Especially if it has springs in it. Good luck with the extender, I love mine, wearing it right now.


Most likely your skin will slip when everything gets wet. But that’s just a guess. It doesn’t sound advisable considering the metal bars & threads.

regards, mgus

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I own a pro-extender it is made out of surgical grade steel which is not supposed rust. I say try it a few times and after every shower or hot bath dry it off and lightly oil it.


Much thanks guys. It was just a thought. I’ll try it once and continue if it goes ok.

Also if you are concerned with the nnusecoming undone while showering or bathing try wrapping a strip of suede leather or a shoe string around where the silicone tubing is secured to the bottom of the head attachment.Just tie like you would a shoe this would prevent the tubing from popping out if it where to get wet especially with hot water. I use a thin strip of suede leather and it works great.

Put some MD40 oil on it.

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