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Anyone had extender restart gains

Anyone had extender restart gains

I’m curious is there anyone here who had basically stopped gaining by everything that had previously worked, and basically decided that it was pretty much time to accept that they had maxed out their gain potential, but then had an extender work and cause new growth?

I have not been able to gain since my first year of newbie gains and now have arrived at the point where I have tried pretty much every single thing except for an extender. I can see how an extender might be a fundamentally different from all the things like stretch, ads, hanging — all the things that are just putting constant tension on you rather than holding your dick out at a fixed minimum length the way a stretcher does.

However, I do not want to blow the time, money, and effort on an extender unless I have at least some anecdotal evidence that this might in fact produce different results from every other form of PE that I have tried.

Has anyone here had any experience with an extender being the trick to breaking through a plateau?

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About money, there are models of homemade extendrs around, last week a fellow posted two cute threads about.

The time and effort of making my own and getting it to work (especially since I am uncut) would basically be as much of an expense to me right now as simply buying one.

They cost a lot monetarily speaking. But really the even bigger cost of getting one would be that it would take months of countless yours out of personal life wearing it religiously just to determine whether or not it is working at all. Would be really nice to hear if anyone has actual had one work at all aside from newbie-type gains (I.e. People have gotten gains with them after they had already done the major other PE exercises for considerable amount of time).

I will be getting my new vac-extender here on Wednesday probably. It may take a while to determine gains. Also, I will be using it in conjunction with Bathmate pumping. So it won’t be a test of solely the extender. I expect big things. We shall see.

Good luck hiding the vac-extender under pants when you go out in public unless its been redesigned.

Its a lot more comfortable than FastSize but a much larger set-up to conceal.

Ray, PM me and let me know if you find out otherwise.

Okay, but it’s not my first extender, I started out a few years back with a size genetics. And I’ll probably be wearing it around the house more than anywhere public. I’l know in a couple days for sure.

Raybbaby why are you getting the vac-extender when you already have a size-genetics?

The size genetics is in a storage space in LA, I’m currently up in Washington state. I’m getting some good girth gains with my bathmate, so I’m just wondering what kind of gains I can get with both. I have a gut feeling it will be good gains for another few months.

vkn1, I do not have experience with an extender, but I do with a homemade vac ADS. Using the definition that an extender holds the penis at a set length, while an ADS could do that or it could just give a constant pull on the penis. My vac ADS was tied to my knee so the length was not set, nor was the pull at a constant force.

Over a period of 3.5 months using my ADS and also some manual stretching, I gained 0.5”. This gain occurred last year. I have been doing PE off and on for around 8 or 9 years with big time periods of breaks or just light conditioning. This 0.5” gain is after or in addition to my earlier gain of 1” so I am confident that it was not newbie gains.

I hope this helps you decide what approach to PE you want to follow at this stage. I will further say that in my case after the 3.5 months my gains were slowing and I was tired of wearing the ADS all the time so I stopped. I have been doing pumping for the last few months but have seen no permanent gains. I again have started concentrating on manual stretching and may go back to my ADS. Stretching and jelqs is how I gained the first full inch and with the additional 0.5 inch coming from stretching and the ADS which is just more stretching, I am sure that for me the best way to gain length is by pulling on my dick.

Thanks for the info Laeh. Very interesting that you were able to gain half an inch so quickly even after you’d already gotten an inch earlier. I’m curious, had you been doing much PE after the first inch and before the extender? Had you been trying other things and had them not yield results? Did you have a stretch in between where you’d felt you were really giving PE a full effort and yet not seeing results?

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