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ADS tension?

ADS tension?

Hey all,

I’m currently doing a routine in which I am hanging 3x 20 min sets at just over 3 lbs followed by 10-15 minutes of jelqing. I am preceding and following the routine with a heating pad as well.

In addition to this I am using this form of an Simple ADS to prevent turtling an hour or two before and an hour or two after my routine.

As far as the ADS goes.. What type of tension am I aiming for? Am I looking to simply lengthen the penis and no more, or am I looking to actually stretch it and put tension in the penis and the ligs?

MY thought process here is that I am creating the micro-tears with the hanging and the jelqing, and I’m hoping to keep my penis elongated so it will heal longer, so simply using the ADS to stretch/keep my penis elongated with little to no tension in it should be good. However I am not sure if I will see any gains from this. Sometimes I tighten it to the point where I am feeling a stretch in the ligs but I am afraid this is overdoing it and I will be over-training if I continue to ramp up the intensity of the weights I am hanging.

Side note- sometimes I notice that the very bottom rim of my glans seems slightly discolored when using this ADS, and even when jelquing for shot periods of time. I do not think I could be starving the glans of blood this quickly and was wondering if this might just be the pigment of the skin? What areas of the glans will show signs of bluing before others?

Thanks again guys, this site has a wealth of knowledge

Could a mod move this to the extenders or hanging section for me please?


Originally Posted by HangDerp
Could a mod move this to the extenders or hanging section for me please?


Done :)

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Thanks bud

I doubt that ADS could do anything. You could replace the attachement with vacuum cup to do a some extender-like hour, in this case the force should be at least 1lbs. If you want prevent turtling simply leaving your penis wrapped should be enough.

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