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Your Vote Matters!

>You people must understand that the average in this board is obviously higher than the general population average.

Those polls (please vote if you haven’t already) are starting sizes. Before PE.

My first inclination is to suspect more guys on the small side would seek out a PE site, but issues with size are usually more mental than physical. Perhaps the results are actually in tune with the population as a whole.

Originally Posted by stevie31
Alright fellas, if you’re one of the 19,169 members who haven’t voted in the pre-PE length and girth polls yet, please consider doing so now. It will only take a minute of your time I promise. Look, I’ve even got a few easy to follow links for you:
The more votes we have, the more accurate the percents will be. Come on lurkers, you don’t even have to type a response, just help us out with a quick click of your mouse.

Thank you for your patronage. :)

Welp I screwd that up I clicked the LENGTH link and the last thing I saw was right under my mouse that it said GIRTH, needles to say I voted my girth not length size, is there any way to fix it?

I voted 5~5.2

And wanted to vote 6~6.2

Biggity bump for newer members. Let’s keep the votes coming in ya’ll!

Long time, no see Stevie. I hope you have been OK.

What’s good Mr Nine? Things have been great. Too good actually. So much so that I haven’t been able to stop by T’s Place as often as I like. I’m going to try to put aside some time from now on to do just that though. I find it’s easier to keep up with PE when I’m active here. And I enjoy helping newbies learn about PE. How you been?

Looking good! :thumbs:

Keep the votes coming ya’ll!

Vote = Done !

~01/01/2006 -- 5 3/4" BPEL -- 4 3/4" Base Girth -- 4 1/2" Mid Girth.

~20/01/2007 -- 7" --- BPEL -- 5" Base Girth ------ 5" --- Mid Girth.

26/08/2008 --- 7" BPEL ------ 5 1/4 girth all around

How about some fresh votes for the new year!

I voted!

Working on Length

Hanging, PM and ADS

Me too.

Count me in

Starting Stats 7/15/05 -- Flaccid L 3.375"x Flaccid G 2.125", BPEL 5.250" x EG 3.750"

Stats as of 11/17/07-- Flaccid L 6.000"x Flaccid G 5.6875", BPEL 8.000" x EG 6.125"

Long Term Goal: BPEL 9.000"x EG 6.500" Dusty


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