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Your Vote Matters!

Got my vote in for EL and EG. EL was at 6 or a hair over. Glad to see that the most popular catagory. EG was at 5.5 at the circumcision. Cool poll.


Both these polls should be a requisite for joining Thunder’s Place!

We may be able to set something up that is done automagically, but that would probably be ignored by most, just as the registration instructions are.

I’ll move both polls to Main, that may help get a few more guys to vote.

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It’s completely anonymous. Why wouldn't you want to vote?

You got that right Ramrod. Y’all better recognize!

Wow, only 14 more votes to reach 1000 on the Erect Girth poll. Come on boys, let’s vote (and not die)!

Just in case the peeps watching the forums changed some..
BUMP! :)

And yeah I was in the average when I started.. _exactly_ in the average for length and girth.. funny how I ever thought I was small to begin with.. Must have been my sick mind (made sick?) ;-)


Nice poll, Stevie. I’m in, uh, let me rephrase that. I placed my vote.


Originally Posted by stevie31
Very puzzling isn’t it trips?? :)

One of the best thing this site has helped me with is anxiety about my size. I used to watch a lot of porn and always thought all guys were that big, and that I was small. I never trusted surveys because I always assumed they were trying to sell me something by making me feel better about myself. Well, I trust everyone here, and seeing that I’m (now) above average is such an incredible confidence boost. So come on fellas, let’s get a lot more votes in to help make the results as wide-ranging as possible. Just think of how this will help your fellow PE brothers’ confidence and self-esteem.

You ppl must understand that the average in this board is obviously higher than the general population average.

It’s like comparing the average arm size in a bodybuilding forum to the average arm size in the general population… 15 inch arms may look small for many people in a bodybuilding forum (depending on the size of the person), but that’s clearly bigger than the average in the general population.


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