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Kegeling can get me hard without using hands, or without even thinking of something sexual even.

Nine Inches posted a video doing the same thing Pc muscle demonstration, but others were kind of skeptical (including me). It’s impossible to video the BC muscles “at work.” If you google for urological research on kegeling, there’s increasing evidence that kegeling helps erections (duh!). They need to do some experiments on guys like you who create erections just through kegeling. Amazing.

Are you doing kegels, reverse kegels… what? Give some more detail.

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I generally hold a kegel when I ejaculate during sex and that keeps me hard for as long as I want afterwords.

Now one of your earlier threads, Multiple orgasms and sensitivity, makes more sense.

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P.S.: Everyone read Dick Control: A Primer post by Cheeva. Report back to this thread after a month or 2 and you’ll be able to do all this fun stuff (no-hands orgasms, dry orgasms, multi-orgasmic, etc)

I agree; it’s a great thread. But I think you’re kegeling “abilities” and being in your 20’s are definite advantages for the “no-hands orgasms, dry orgasms, multi-orgasmic” stuff.

What would be interesting is to make an animated video of the muscles in your kegeling (or Cheeva’s techniques), utilizing the artwork in westla’s article, Locating the bc muscle. It could show what NineInches was attempting to demonstrate with his video.