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Your opinion ?!?


Your opinion ?!?

Hey guys….its been a while since my last post…but I figured I would make a post and see what my fellow man have to say on the subject.
To start things of ill give a slight background on myself…I am 26 years old and I always suffered from a low self esteem due to the size of my member (5.25 nbp x 5.3 base) as a result of this self esteem issue I almost always had performance anxiety ( I would worry about what a girl would think about me when she found out I am not hung or was not able to please her in bed and what she would tell her friends which know me, those kind of thoughts were in my head through out the whole time) which manifested itself as a not functional dick at the time when I need it the most…however if the girl was cool (which most of the time they were) on a second or third encounter I would get comfortable enough with them and overcome this issue…and even if I did rise to the occasion I cant say that I lasted too long so I suppose its safe to say that we can add premature ejaculation on top of performance anxiety. As terrible as it is I learned to live with it…and by learned to live with it I mean skip out on lots and lots of sex which I could have easily had (according to women I am a good looking guy) and had sex only with the women which I felt that I absolutely had to have. I guess I should also add that generally I have sex only 1 time per encounter…for example once at night, and maybe once in the morning…but going twice within a 2 hour period for example almost never happens for me.

Now…when you think the story is pretty bad…it gets even worse. Lately I feel that my sex drive has gone down significantly, I mean I don’t even have urges to masturbate anymore, and when I do masturbate in some cases I don’t achieve a 100% erection or even if I do achieve it but stop physical stimulation for a few seconds, my erection starts to subside, also I noticed that my nocturnal erection are not at 100% either maybe 80-90% at best…..does this mean that I am suffering from some sort of ED now ????????

( as a side note: I am 5’11, 180 lbs all muscle, I work out 4 – 5 times a week, and eat fairly healthy most of the time….on the flip side of this coin I smoke weed almost everyday, about 2 packs of cigarettes per week, but only lately, and drink alcohol around 3 times per week…I would estimate it at 1 liter of vodka per week on average, and I guess I should also add that I do a little bit of cocaine every now and then…usually only when I party very hard…I would estimate if at once every 2 – 3 months on average….and the last but not least I sometimes take half a percaset which is basically oxicotons with alcohol when I am about to have sex…makes me last for a long time and gives me a very good control of my ejaculation…… my sleeping habits are bit messed up as well I would say, due to my nature of work I don’t have to wake up early in the morning and thus do not have a fixed schedule that I adhere to, so I go to sleep at like 2 – 3 am and wake up around 10 – 11 am)…Geeez now that I typed all of that up it really looks pretty bad

Tomorrow I want to go to a doctor and talk to him about my possible ED problem and figure out how to bring my sex drive back. To start I am quitting smoking cigarettes for good and reducing my weed and alcohol consumption to maximum of twice per week, and reducing my cocaine consumption to as much as possible. And going to try to make a fixed schedule for myself to get up at 8:30 am and go to sleep no later then 1 am mon-fri.

I am not sure what my questions are…I guess I just wanted to get it out of me, and get any input suggestions or comments from you guys:

A couple of questions that do come to mind are:

Which doctor should I consult, a PCP or a Urologist?

Is there anything that you guys could recommend to increase my libido a bit?

P.S: I restarted to PE at a very light schedule….5 times a week for about 15 minutes total (3-4 min stretches and 10 – 12 min jelqing in the shower) I do it mostly for health reasons cause I kind of gave up on the growth aspect of PE, plus when u do it at such a light schedule and don’t expect growth its much easier to keep it up.

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated…thanx guys u r all great :)

It’s probably the weed. Try cutting that for like 2 weeks and you should notice a difference. Same thing happened to me. Once you get your erections back try to keep the pot smoking to once or twice a week or less.

Lay off the weed, coke, cigarettes and alcohol. That alone should make your dick a bit healthier. Hopefully that is the cause of your ED so you should have your erctions and libido back soon.

Good luck.

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You want my opinion? I don’t think weed causes a drop in sex drive.

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It’s the drugs, Do you do any PE?

5.25 happens to be normal.

Have you been taking drugs for along time?

The erections you are having may only be 70%.

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Originally Posted by Gimli
You want my opinion? I don’t think weed causes a drop in sex drive.

Well you see Gimli, i dont know if its a natural or a learned response, but generally i do not want to be sexual with women when i am high, mainly because i am too lazy for that and have a dry mouth and just not feeling like being touched. Perhaps the more time i spend being high, the more my brain learns to live without desiring sex ?!?

P.S: an interesting study i found on voluntary erection control : http://www.psychosomaticmedicine.or…nt/37/6/479.pdf

Originally Posted by Gimli
You want my opinion? I don’t think weed causes a drop in sex drive.

I would agree.

I smoke way too much and no loss of , frankly obssesive, sex drive.


Quit the dope man.. It only ever does damage mentally and physically, lose it and get addicted to pussy instead.

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I agree with gimli, I even feel hornier when stoned.

This kind of problem reminds me of my profession as a nutritionist. Obese people come to me, and tell me things like “I don’t like to exercise, I snack all day, my caloric intake PER MEAL is about what a healthy, average person should eat DAILY.I just don’t understand why I’m obese”. Not to overstate the obvious, or be a total prick, but you need to start with working on your habits. Your penis size, and your mental perception/issues about it are only a very small part of the equation based on what you are saying here. If you need counseling, seek it out, and get back on the right track. You have the discipline to work out 4-5 days a week. You can drop the cigarettes, and cut back dramatically on your alcohol as well.

It is very easy to pinpoint your problem. Just stop smoking and drinking for one week. This will do 2 things.

First is will let you know if you can, stop that is.

Second, at the end of the week you will know if your libido and erections have improved.

If they have, well then you have to make a choice. Drugs or health.

I recommends a PORN / SEX DETOX. Don’t check-out or chow any fanny for a while (1-2 weeks) and you will be amazed at how things pick up!

(IMO) Pot does not slow the libido, in fact on most people that smoke regularly it can create the opposite effect. But if your not a regular smoker than it can cause a bit of nervousness and uneasiness, which would more than overshadow your sex drive after smoking. But as far as tetra hydro cannabinol and things like CBD and CBN sitting stored in your fatty tissue and blood, would not cause any ED or loss of libido. Does this happen after you smoke, or at any time of the day, whether your high or not?

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Thanx for all the replies guys…you see i have been smoking weed almost on daily basis for a long, loooong time, and i just dont feel sexual on it, i do however believe that its cognitive behavior, simply because i have a bad case of cotton mouth and making out with a woman is nearly impossible or desirable at the time…for that reason i probably stopped wanting sex when i am high all together.

However, my main problem right now is that i dont really crave sex at all, i dont even want to masturbate anymore…which i find to be very disturbing. I mean i literally have women lining up to fuck me (not tutting my own horn, just explaining the extend of the problem) and i just pass on them, cause i simply dont want it, as far as i am concerned its extra work for me

Starting today i quit smoking cigarettes and weed and significantly reducing my alcohol consumption and putting an end to blow for good. Also i made a daily schedule for myself where i now wake up 8:30 every morning, i think that might help me restore my natural biorhythm, as well as keep going to the gym at my 4 -5 days a week schedule

You see, i am simply not sure, if its a physical problem or a mental one, perhaps me obsessing over my penis so much manifests itself as a limp dick, cause now i kind of pay extra attention to the firmness level of my penis even when i masturbate (which is really rare these days). Thats why i want to take the guessing work out of the picture and consult a physician on the physical aspect of this possible ED, the only problem is that i dont really know which doctor to go to ?!?

P.S: Do u guys know of any foods, drinks, exersizes or maybe some vitamins that i could take to perhaps boost up my sex drive a bit…i am looking for natural substances, i dont really want anything chemical

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