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Your girth routines


Your girth routines

I’m wanting to start a girth routine but would like to know your routines and have they worked well.Thanks.

I want to PE 7 days a week.
Wet or dry jelq.
Any others to do guys?

Since you are just starting out, I think you could really benefit from a good wet jelqing routine 7 days a week. I would shoot for at least 20 minutes of jelqing, building up to more later. Then a little while later, you could add some ulis or horse 440 squeezes.

I started out with a newbie routine for 3-4 weeks. That means basic stretching and jelquing. I can’t stand the lubing thing since it messes me up - so I stick to dry jelques.

After a couple of weeks I started on a few advanced techniques like uli-squeezes (but, all very decent at first). Now I have started doing some clamping, also starting very decent, not to injure myself.

2 month down the road, I’ve gained 0.4” in EG, I guess that’s not bad.

Give it a try, start at low intensity and don’t overdo it. I wouldn’t start out with the clamping thing, only after a few weeks of conditioning. Just stick to the jelques first.

Good luck

Sorry guys I should have said I’m not new, Just new to thunders!

Hey GMR,

How long have you been PEing? If you have just started, stick with the Newbie routine for a bit. I know it is torture to limit you like that but in the long run you’ll be thankful you did. After you’ve been on it a month or so (leaning more toward the “or so” side of the time frame :) ) try upping the time jelqing and doing it everyday. Don’t start clamping until you have adequately conditioned yourself and you have an extremely good knowledge of your mini-me. Clamping is not to be taken lightly. It is extremely intense, but yes, very effective, IF DONE CORRECTLY AND CAREFULLY! And again, I cannot stress enough, DO NOT attempt clamping until you are absolutely positively sure of your conditioning and knowledge of your dick. even then I would second guess myself. Good luck to you.



If you are not new to PE then I would suggest clamping. All my gains (what little I have made) are due to clamping.


Since you are not a newbie, I would highly reccomend ULI squeezes and Horse440s. Morning and evenings. I gained 1/2” girth in 2 months with these and jelqing, of course.


Roomtogrow iv been peing for about 4 months solid but was peing on/off for a year or so just really getting the hang of it.Clampings great!
This is what I’m thinking of doing.

10 minute rice sock or 10 minute bath.
1000 wet jelqs
3x10 minute clamps or more maybe.

I like to keep thins simple and I hate stretches.

Vinsent I’m going to have a good look at them and probably use them in my routine. 1/2” in 2 months would be ideal as in 2 months 1 week I’m going to be letting the cock swing for the ladies at a gig.

Letting the cock swing at a gig???

Ae you a stipper?


Clamping has worked extremely well for me. My starting erect girth was 4 7/8”; now it’s 5 1/2”, or even 5 5/8”.

I have also jelqed, but I attribute most of my girth gains to clamping.

As others have mentioned, depending on your experience with PE to date, you might want to take up jelqing first before clamping. At any rate, if and when you begin clamping, go at it gently and build up from there. As with all “advanced” forms of PE, the potential for growth from clamping is matched by the potential for damage, sometimes serious damage.

I’m in my third week of pumping. My impression is that pumping will also be good for girth. Some consider pumping the king of girth exercises. It has certainly helped my flaccid length and girth thus far.

Lol vinsent! I get drunk and I let my Irish blood down as I’m useless at drinking but I’m a womaniser and always end up swinging the dick at them and I’m rewarded quite often by a boob flash or even the odd pussy flash.

Motivated, good gains man and I’m glad you said you attribute most of your gains to clamping.I find clamping very promising.

Pumping scares me because of things iv read bit iv also read penis enlargement is impossible which we all know isn’t true. Any pumpers that could give me the basic things to know about pumping would be welcomed with open arms, well arm as my left ones holding my clamp on, lol.

That sounds loke fun but you go to jail and end up with your name on a CD labeled, “Sex Offenders” if you do that where I live! LOL


I just started Extreme Ulis.
My routine is 3-4 ten-minute sets of X-Ulis with jelquing in between sets.

Vincent, you changed your name. You guys kill me with your names. I used to call you “V.” Now I guess I’ll have to call you, well, um, V.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.


Ziggman said vs just wasn’t working for me and I agreed. I told him my real name was Vincent and he came up with the rest. What a pervert, Huh? LOL
I have been bouncing around with avatars but I will find one that fits me one of these days.

BTW, V fits just right.


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