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Your comments on this stretch

Your comments on this stretch

A few days ago, while doing my stretch routine, I made a variation. I pulled my penis straight out, grabbed it with the standard ok grip(thumb of right hand resting against the fat pad) I started doing a jelk. Instead of doing it the normal way, I started pulling up with my thumb and pushed the rest of the shaft and glans downward. Maintaining a good amount of pressure I eased the shaft thru the Ok grip. I noticed a pretty intense burn in the tunica down at the base. When I was done doing it with the right hand, I switched to the left hand and did the same thing. As you ease the shaft along the ok grip, all the way to the glans, the burn goes up the entired shaft. The glans is engorged during the entire stroke. It should take about 30 seconds to get to the glans. I do about 5 sets of these. Another thing I do during the stroke is push against the tunica with the opposite hands thumb, stretching the tunica out. Comments please.

Sounds like a bit of a V stretch or a fulcrum stretch. Interesting.

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It is hard to explain but I will try. Grab your penis with your right hand at the base in the standard ok grip. Make sure you use some kind of lube or it will cause lots of pain. As you slide it forward lift up with your thumb and cup your hand which pushes the rest of the shaft and glans down. As you slide forward and pull up with your thumb you will feel the stretch. Sometimes I stop the slide and just hold it in position for about 30 seconds or so to get a good burn going. I hope that helps clarify the stretch.

I am assuming you mean palms up OK grip where you grip your dick at the base with your palm under your shaft and thumb over the top of the shaft. I don’t exactly get what you do from how you explain it, but I understand your concept and it seems like something worth trying for tunica gains. Do you get any type of shaft soreness after doing this new excersize you do for a while? This is important because I alaways look for some type of soreness/fatigue in the ligs, skin, or shaft after hanging, jelqing or manual stretching because this is what tells me if I am doing real work then will give me gains when the soreness goes away from the penis healing itself.

I think I know what he means. No palms upward. Palms down — at least in the initial grip. I do it. Basically, you’re grabing your dick with the thumb on the underside and bending it over your thumb. Take your hand and form the letter C in front of you with your thumb on the bottom. Imagine your dick is inside the C. Now just pivot your wrist so that your palm is facing you and your imaginary dick is wrapped around your thumb. It’s a simple stretch that can be done while jelqing, or just blissfully yanking away on your love rocket.

I do this , but sideways instead of down . Go right with the right hand , left with the left .

You got it Ike, that is exactly and yes lovemachine I get an intense burn from it, in fact I am still feeling it right now and I did the stretch 6 hours ago. You can determine the intensity of the burn by how long you hold the stretch.

Now that you mention it rackhunter, I do twist it so it is sideways.

I’ll have to try this out. Thanks guys.

You may have to do the stretch a few days before you start to feel the burn I am talking about.

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