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Your best exercises for corpus spongiosum.

Your best exercises for corpus spongiosum.

I just wondered what you would all recommend for targeting mainly the corpus spongiosum, this is where my penis could use some nice size. I don’t know exactly how possible it is to hit this part, and I know it has been covered.

I just fancy some fresh ideas, I have noticed no growth in this area, and find it hard to target this part without incorporating the whole area of my penis.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

My call would be dry Jelq, 80-90% erection. and a little upward curve to it so that you’ll target the bottom side most.

Start Mar-16-2009 BPEL 7.2" (18,3 cm) EG midshaft 5.12" (13,0 cm)

Current Jan-14-2010 BPEL 7.56" (19,2 cm) EG midshaft 5.28" (13,4 cm)

Long term Goal NBPEL 8.5" (21,59 cm) EG midshaft 6.30" (16,0 cm)

I’m interested too.

Considering I’ve noticed that using a sandwich grip for the CC’s, perhaps a pinch type jelq for the CS would work?

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

My minimal girth gains have been only CS by standard overhand jelq with periodic 10 second squeezes. Visually it has made a huge difference but not by the tape measure unfortunately. CCs are stubborn and well protected so I haven’t noted any width changes yet. Started some assisted Vs and 60% erect sadsac slinky bends but just slowly incorporating these. My CS has just pushed out on it’s own with jelqing only.

When I have been doing edging I have been doing a grip at the base with one hand and doing a sideways motion on the bottom of the CS. Prior to reading this post I hadn’t even thought about the name of that part. I just try to massage and stimulate all parts as best as I can. The other motion is difficult to describe, but I will try.

Using the left hand. (I guess this can be done with the right, but for me it’s easier for some reason) I use and underhand grip with the thumb pointing down the shaft. The finger tips and the whole length of the fingers are on the underside, along the CS. I then do a sort of roll or a ‘galloping’ motion with the fingers. This really only works when fully erect. It ends up stimulating other parts, but it seems to do the cs a lot.

I just thought that a gentle sort of ‘pinching’ along the cs while soft might also stimulate it using thumb and index, moving up and down. Perhaps while erect also. I haven’t tried that yet. But will during my next edging session.

Originally Posted by Herballist
I know it has been covered.

I disagree. This has not been covered well at all, and I don’t think a specific exercise has caused CS growth through a majority of users (clamping does on some, for example, but not a majority see a particular growth in the CS).

One of my current goals is to increase by CS size.

I tried something new. While fully erect and clamped, I stimulated the CS by gently rubbing up and down the CS with the thumb and index fingers. This while pressed against my stomach.It really enlarged it giving my penis a sort of triangle shape. It really makes it look a lot larger, even though it’s not really that much larger. I think sometimes even a smaller increase and make a big difference visually if it’s in the right place.

Use a lot of lube, and be careful this is a very intense exercise. It’s also tough on the hands, the thumb muscles really got a work out. It’s an intense stimulation of the penis, so overall it helps with stimulation and development.

I’ve done clamping just for the erection benefits, and I accidentally made some CS gains, mostly toward the base (my base is now about 7”). It’s cool, because a big CS makes you dick look bigger and meaner, but the CS is much more “compressible” than the CC, so you don’t need to worry about it stretching a woman out uncomfortably, if you’re already a tight fit with her.

Clamping with the 1 or 2 placement indicated on this thread Clamp placement Gave me some decent base CS girth gains and didn’t take long either.

“V” grip jelq with a full erection. I have a huge CS because of this,

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I can’t jelq while full erect, my penis feels like a rock-solid bone when fully engorged and I can’t do any blood manipulation while like that, it sucks - but it’s probably safer to not meddle with erect jelqs IMO.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

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