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You know you're obsessed with P.E. when...

… And you start PE’ing like your tiny trying to get to average…

When you sacrifice sex for PE

Originally Posted by djrobins
When you have 3” of gains and still feel tiny.

Uh huh thats close to home.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

I like Stumpy’s but I prefer thinking “wow this shit works” then think about doing PE so she tells her friends the guy shes fucking seems to get bigger every time.

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Originally Posted by Cock Kent
Don’t know if it has to do with obsession or just awareness but yes, all the time. For example this mornings conversation with my 10 year old daughter:

Her: Dad are you doing yoga at the gym today?
Me: Yes, weights then yoga if I’m not to tired.
Her: My PE teacher said she grew and inch from the stretching.

Yea, almost spit out my coffee on that one. Or “Dad do I have to take a shower we didn’t have PE today”. PE for those who don’t know is short for Physical Education.

Hahaha classic CK!

Originally Posted by djam07
When you sacrifice sex for PE

Yeah, done that, then it’s getting close to an obsession…

Originally Posted by Stumpy1
When a female tell you that you are big, fine, nice, huge, perfect, or just right; but you are thinking to yourself….”may be shes covering up for thinking I’m small or average…gotta PE more!”

Yeah, that’s me.

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When you watch porn only to help you with PE.

You know you are obsessed with PE, when you go to take a pee and admire your penis with a new size, that gives you a smile and you look forward to do your rutines at night.

Construyendo mi tercer pierna.

When you at every dinner party gets the seat next to the guy who’s working as a mathematician at the university, since you’re the only one that seem to find his endless lectures on statistical distribution interesting.

When you cant breath properly, your healths messed up and you cant masturbate or do pe due to penis problems but you still browse Thunders everyday looking forward to being healthy and getting back in to a routine.

Originally Posted by Cock Kent
Her: My PE teacher said she grew and inch from the stretching.

Hahaha, funny, I imagined you spilling the coffe out.

Originally Posted by djam07
When you sacrifice sex for PE

Talk about nail on the head right there, I did that a couple days ago when my gf was hinting at it, but then later realized I was an idiot and went for it when she was changing clothes to go to the gym :)


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