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Yoga and PE Compares East and West


Ummm, what Mem wrote.

If you have some great links on the topic, post them if your intent is to nudge some of the guys into a more spiritual frame of mind. Also, some of this stuff has been touched on, usually as it refers to PE and sex. Check out the search function on Thunder’s tool bar.

Some guys here could care less about this stuff, but we are a damn diverse and well informed group.
shivashakti is an example of a resource site mentioned previously here at Thunder’s.
So yeah, clarify Mems questions and by all means post links and tell us how you do spiritual PE. I am a life long Tantrika, so the idea of everything being spiritual and a communion with the divine is not an odd one to me.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

>Ummm, what Mem wrote.

The Dexy’s Midnight Runners thing?

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