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Yo guys!

Yo guys!

I’m partying here in Lapland with my friend, so I really don’t have any time to follow these forums (or do my routine). Hope he (or his girlfriend) doesn’t enter this room as I speak ;) Just wanted to say hello to ya!!! I’m going to party tonite as much as I can! Give me good luck to get a woman with my new dick (thru PE) ;) ;) ;) ;D

Yuo do the same!

Lets keep gaining!

ps. I’m so wasted!! :)

A Man behind his mask.

Yo, Johan;

Here we have “lap dancing” bars, too. Clever name for the one you are staying at.

Don’t get too wasted tonight. You have your routines to keep up, you know.



Hey avo!

Thanks for replying to this thread… I didn’t get lucky last night (I was wasted too much). Had good’n goofy time though. Prolly I’ll get “some” tonite from my little, young and flexible neighbour.. :) Hope I’ll get my lilbro up ;)

btw, we don’t have much lapdancers here in Finland :( buu…

A Man behind his mask.


I went to Florida State University, home of the greatest football team in the USA (ah

There in quite another life two of my best friends were guys from Iceland and Finland.
My first wife was from Norway………



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