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Yipee- I gained another 1/8 inch length

Yipee- I gained another 1/8 inch length

My girth is the same as last I measured but I’m now 7 1/8” bpel after the weekend break, before monday work out. That’s 5/8” so far. It’s not shooting up like a weed but it is growing. I still only got 1/4” growth on the girth so far, but I am doing twice the focus on length. And yes she noticed after the first 3/8” . She doesn’t know I’m doing this but during sex after the first 3/8” she said she could swear it felt bigger. I said ” I don’t know” and left it at that. So, for all of you hard gainers, stick with it. Sometimes it feels like your just wasting time, but then you get that day when you measure and you got growth. It makes it all worth while.:firejumpe

What’s your length routine,Devil?

Nice. Good work :) Don’t you love it when your girl makes comments about how much bigger it is ? I sure love it ;)

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Originally Posted by jazzlover
What’s your length routine,Devil?

Well, first I stretch manually for a bit to limber up. Then I apply a hot cloth to warm up. Then I hang 10 pounds (vacuhanger) for 45min to 1 hour. Then I pump (packed- I eventually want to get a bigger tube for girth , but it’s working good for length) for 3 to 4 ,10 or 15 minute sets. I jelq in between sets. Then , after applying a hot cloth (and washing off the lube) I hang 10 pounds for another 1/2 to 1 hour. Then I apply a hot cloth to the area and massage for a minute or two. Then, because it’s a little rough on the ol tallywacker, I rub bag balm (like for cow’s udders- the stuff is like a healing potion you put on instead of drink) on the shaft. I work m/t/th/f and break on w/s/su. I think the break periods are important. It’s when I actually notice growth. My flacid hang has really grown too, but I never did a starting measurement on that, so I can’t really keep track.

Yes, Okish6er, that is the best part. I’m already happy having sex, but after hearing that, I probably looked like I had an acid grin. (acid grin?hmmmmmmmmmm, what’s that?). I’ve never been an easy or quick gainer, so this makes me happy.

A little change in the routine. I’ve been noticing a lot of fluid build up in the foreskin on the underside of my penis after the second set of hanging. must be too much stress after the hard pumping session.The build up was the worst today. Worries me just a little. It’s not painful, but it ia kind of, well, worrisome. starting tomorrow, I’m going to do all of my hanging prior to the pumping.

It’s a hell of a routine!!!

Congratulations on your gains.Keep it up!

Oh how i envy you ! Ive been unconsistent with my routines these past few weeks..

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