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YAY! Gained another .25"

YAY! Gained another .25"

I’m just excited so thatss why I’m posting this. I just measured, and I gained another .25” in the last couple months. I went from 6.5 BPEL to 6.75 BPEL. I noticed that things were starting to look longer the last few days of my stretches. I’d taken a short break, say 4 days where all I did was ADS and a traction wrap. I hadn’t been jelqing also because of some dark red spots and I wanted to give time for my skin to heal. So, after a shor break, I started manual stretching again and since my skin had healed, I started jelqing in the shower and some hardcore dry jelqing when given the chance. After about 2 weeks, of this combined of course with the ADS and traction wrap, ( I wear a traction wrap about 16 hours a day to keep my flacid about 6 inches) I noticed the gain. Well…now just to cement it. I’ve noticed that I’ve cemented the last gain from 6.25” to 6.5”. The other night while having sex with my wife, I don’t normally hit her cervix while in missionary position. This time I did and she jumped a bit so we had to do it doggy style. I didn’t hit home in that position. Raise a cup and here’s to gaining, and achieving 8x6 !!!

Edit** I’ll post new pics when I can have some peace and quiet and the wife is gone. **

Before PE BPEL - 5.5" EG - 5.25" ---------- 8/20/05 BPEL - 6.75" EG - 5.5" Goal - 8x6

:thumbs: Excellent man!!!

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Awesome dude!

Congrats to you!Can’t wait until it’s my turn to shine.I know it’s coming soon.Anyway congrats again and enjoy your new penis.

Yahoo!! good job. Nothing like those positive reactions from the Mrs. Keep up the good work.

:_pump: :donatecar

Good going Bro:)

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Good luck with your goal.

Thanks guys, it’s good to see my member growing. Is it just me or are the gains so subtle that it’s hard to percieve NBPEL gains? Thanks for the encouragement!

Before PE BPEL - 5.5" EG - 5.25" ---------- 8/20/05 BPEL - 6.75" EG - 5.5" Goal - 8x6

I think the gains are incredibly subtle. That’s why I threw out the ruler. (figuratively, that is) If I only measure every month or so, I might see gains. If I measure every day, I’m just frustrated. That’s also why I appreciate my fantastic, supportive wife. She’s really quick to comment on a perceived size increase.

:_pump: :donatecar

Very good. These will add up and get you closer to your goals. I hope the best for you, and that you reach them in a safe and timely fashion.

Well done UnleasheD, all that effort is paying off..:thumbs:

You know in your mind that it works so that’s half the battle won, stick to what you do best and you’ll achieve your goals..:)

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Congratulations! Job well hung! er, done.

I’m well on my way. I think I’ve discovered that short short breaks seem to work in my favor if I traction wrap. So I work out hard for about 5 days then take about 3 off. I was PE’ing hard 5 days then easy 2 days but now I just traction wrap. What you veterans say about time to heal and also healing in an enlongated state seem to trick my dick if you know what I mean. All I know is it’s working and I have all you guys to thank for that.

Before PE BPEL - 5.5" EG - 5.25" ---------- 8/20/05 BPEL - 6.75" EG - 5.5" Goal - 8x6

Congrats Mr UL!

At what point did you get your “first” gain?

cead mile failte :lep:

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