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Yay 8x6 flaccid


Yay 8x6 flaccid

I noticed in the last couple weeks my post pe flaccid hang is a solid 8x6 which is a bigger in both directions than before but especially girth

Regular flaccid which I just measured coming out of the cold, and just one good tug to get it out is 7x5.5
This is measuring bp with a tape hanging down

Definitely a bigger flaccid hang which is nice at the gym and I really notice the pup is a lot girth in my hand when hard, now I just want more length pleeeeeeeeeeeeeezz

Just wanted to share :) after all where the heck else can we talk about this


Dude.. That’s bigger than what I am when fully erect. Sorry, but I want proof.

Yeah, then you must be like 11 inches erect, which isn’t impossiable, but I don’t believe it, sorry.

If true, you have a winner on your hands with those soft measurements!! PLEASE, post photos and share this monster with all of us. Thanks


Lol !

That is measured HANGING not straight out from the body, so it does measure longer that way, for me I think that is ok as that is what you see when you look in the mirror

Also 8x6 is AFTER pe so it is plumped not regular, fun to look at for a while though !

For the record my bpel straight out is 8.375 against a rigid ruler and the slight upward curve straightened (which buys maybe 1/8”) and girth around the middle is 6.25 maybe a hair more, I don’t really do the base measurement

I’m lost

Sounds like he’s a shower and not a grower. Damn I wish I was a shower

Originally Posted by mckmas8808
Sounds like he’s a shower and not a grower. Damn I wish I was a shower

Just stick with it mck. I started out with turtle dick, definitely a grower. Now the turtle dick is long gone and I am well on my way to being a shower. Not in the same league as pabs, but still trying.

Pabs, would love to see that monster, but perhaps not in the gym showers. You must get a lot of envious looks.

I know what pabs means about the flaccid measuring as it hangs thing, I’ve measured up to 7-7.5” that way (post PE, it’s so cold up here my flaccid’s pretty bad at the moment).

Do you 7”-8”fl x 5”-6”g guys find it creates more bulge in your pants than you want to show at times? If/when you decide to wear pants that show it off do the womens’ eyes bulge out of their heads? Do men show jealousy? I can show a bulge and get looks with much less size.

Pabs, what’s your routine? What were your starting measurements Jun-2004?

hmm- well I for one believe pabs, if he is lying that is just sad.

It seems that as people increase in size the flaccid catches up with the erect slowly. So a guy with a huge hard on will have a bigger flaccid but a smaller percentage increase when going from flaccid to hard. In other words a guy with 3” flaccid can see it double in size and have a 6” hard on. But a guy with a 6” flaccid may only have an increase of a third putting him at 8” hard.

If I could divvy up my gains and was only allowed two inches in total gains across both flaccid and erect I’d keep my present flaccid and invest it all in erect gains. It’s be fun to watch some girls gaze go from “oh…. shit” to “OH SHIT!”

I’m the king of turtle dick. here here.

BPEL: 6.20" BPEG: 4.55" 9/1/2004

Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base)

Rey, can we see your super-chic in a larger format?

Originally Posted by Big Tee
I’m the king of turtle dick. here here.

Big Tee??? And I was just getting used to reywdxyzpdq. (Did I get that right?)

I used to have turtle dick too, but it is gone now. One of my PE goals achieved. Just stick to to your program and turtle dick will be in your past also.

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